Major Update to High Velocity Bowling

Hello everyone! Team RamRod here, the developers of High Velocity Bowling. Today we break our long silence with an equally long blog post.

To give you some background on the HVB development team, we are a small team who works on several projects. As some of you know, Big Ern has left our neck of the woods (we still miss him). But, the team has since picked up the reins and is now leading a new charge for HVB.

A lot of you have been asking about HVB, and we are here to deliver great news. We are pleased to announce that we putting the finishing touches on a new update for HVB, which will hit the PlayStation Network TOMORROW! Excited? Well, the best part of this is that the new update – all new features included – is FREE! For our brothers and sisters in the north, that means FREE for you, too.

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Nineball21123659d ago

Online head to head play, voice chat, AND trophies!!

I haven't played this one in while... looks like I'm going have to start practicing...

meepmoopmeep3659d ago

good to see this.
yeah, i haven't touched this game in a while, also.

Pennywise3659d ago

I was just playing this last night with people over. We were talking about how they needed to add online!!! GREAT UPDATE!

This is the most realistic bowling sim out IMO. ONly thing I wish they would add is tournament lanes on vs. lane selection. I hate the short lanes.

NegativeCreepWA3659d ago

I erased it last week to make room. Looks like i'm gonna be re-downloading it.

Jamegohanssj53659d ago

I still haven't gotten this; however, I wanted it.


Pennywise3659d ago

You should get this... fun stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.