Xbox One X VR: Still a Reality or Fading Fantasy?

Will there be news at E3 2018? Probably not all things being considered,

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crazyCoconuts189d ago

The Windows "Mixed" Reality headsets have shown that the market isn't established enough to just throw commodity hardware at it and be successful. They'd have to invest heavily in content and exclusives to make it work, and they're way behind at this point. I would love to see them go all in - VR still needs lots more investment to take off (assuming it will), and the more big fish in the game the better VR's chances for survival. But man, they would have a lot of catching up to do. Also, I'm assuming the only box they have that could support VR would be the 1X, which really narrows their population of potential VR customers considerably.

JackBNimble187d ago

VR needs to start somewhere and if you're going to wait for everyone else to become successful first, then you will always be behind.

S2Killinit187d ago

It would really suck for the millions of people with xbox one and one S if the headset only works with the xbox X.

TheEnigma313187d ago

I agree. It would have to be affordable like the PSVR. They will jump on the wagon when it's too late like they did with Windows phone and Zune.

TheCommentator187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

You're assuming there's success in VR's future at all. I heard nothing but hype about VR when it was in development, but now that it's out I barely hear anything. Seems like VR's success is virtually nonexistent at this point. I'm not saying some people don't absolutely love it, but it doesn't seem to be marketable to the masses in it's current state.

Besides that, I agree with Crazy Coconuts that MS needs to focus on quantity and diversity of regular games first. They should probably try to catch up to everyone else before committing to developing games for anything else like VR/AR.

Apocalypse Shadow189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

As stated in the article, it would be a megaton announcement at E3. Let's put bias aside for a moment because everyone knows I like Sony's direction and psvr. Which is a variety of exclusives and good hardware to play it on.

If MS shows up to E3 with MR support that not only allows Xbox one x to do vr,but allows Xbox one s to play also. With better resolution, no sensors, no extra wires and better tracking and analog control...that's megaton.

71 games may not be a lot excluding media content like jaunt vr, within, etc. But it's a start.and allows gamers to play superhot,Arizona sunshine and I expect you to die. All great games. The new market would push vr developers to port games or make compatible with Xbox one too.

Add in something like minecraft support and maybe halo master chief collection in vr with co-op(not sure about multiplayer),and that gets them noticed. I doubt any steam support though.

MR supporting Xbox one is a no brainer. They would be expanding their base, increasing the sales of all the MR headsets, increasing vr game sales, make good on the high fidelity they promised because the hmd resolution is higher than psvr. And, MR headsets are already going for $250-$300. Which is a good price. And no fear of a redo of kinect as MR is also on pc.

Will they do that? Who knows. But not doing it means another broken promise. Something they need not keep doing. But it would stop the flow of gamers going to PS4 to play VR. Just my opinion.

UltraNova187d ago

Agreed, but I cant see MS jumping on the VR bandwagon just yet. Its not a "safe-risk free enough"environment for MS to join just yet. If VR grows and stabilizes to a point of sustainability and growth then MS might feel more confident (comfortable?) to jump in. If that happens it will probably be next gen along with xb1x support.

Mr_Writer85187d ago

"With better resolution, no sensors, no extra wires and better tracking and analog control...that's megaton."

LOL, better resolution is the only realistic thing in that list.

Even if by some miracle they managed better tracking with no sensors (what's doing the tracking?)

MS would charge £800 easily as the tech needed would be stupidly expensive to produce.

And console gamers don't spend that much on a add on in big enough numbers.

So no it wouldn't be "Megaton" they'd be commended for the tech, but laughed at when it comes to price.

187d ago
Apocalypse Shadow187d ago

Looks like writer doesn't know about the windows headsets or their prices that I already mentioned were starting at $250-$300. And he's talking about $800 for some odd reason. Guess he doesn't follow vr news.

Mr_Writer85187d ago


The Samsung headset is actually $499, its currently on offer but its regular price is $499.

Good luck getting console gamers paying that, considering most find the PSVR expensive.

ocelot07187d ago

I have the Lenovo Mixed Reality headset. The headset has a few cameras that tracks the controllers and it works very well. I really like the WMR platform. It will work well on the Xbox One X. But I don't see how it will work on XB1 s or OG.

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DigitalRaptor189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

They surely intended for it by promoting the Scorpio as the only console to be capable of "hi-fidelity VR", which is meaningless.

I think they might wait until next-gen, unless they really want to drum some excitement into the brand with something new, but who knows how it will be received... Late to the party and a few cards short of a deck? Does the audience really want that from them at this stage in the generation? Considering the situation with their first-party studios and the rumors that they are putting their resources into building up games for an XB1 successor, I really don't think they are capable of supporting current-gen VR well enough in addition to their existing first-party games.

However, they might do well to at least get their feet wet now, because it will be far more challenging going against Sony next-gen, who will have many years' experience creating for and developing VR experiences and designing peripherals that work well. (That, as well as going against yet another amazingly well refined headset that makes the most of the technology available and innovates within the confines of a console-sized budget). I say this because VR is a whole new ball game - and you often have to throw out the rule book when designing VR games and experiences. You can't just come to the field and expect to score - you need to train long and hard, through trial and error, risk and perseverance.

Apocalypse Shadow188d ago

True digital. But I'm going to play devil's advocate for them even if I don't agree with their methods. And it's tough defending them as you know. They shouldn't have released all those partner headsets without games to back them up. Like Xbox one lacking in 1st party support. Even if they were piggybacking off of Steam, there should have been a good amount of MR games on the windows store by them.

But MS is actually already familiar with VR and AR. Hololens experience, motion tracking experience, haptic feedback experience
Using the cloud (irides) to assist in vr rendering. There's more but you get the idea and probably already know. I follow their efforts and tech in general. It's just their lack of risk and commitment just doing it. It's crazy.

I will also say that even though they are behind themselves in making vr games, there are at least 50-100 third party games already on the market for pc and psvr that can be made compatible or ported to work on the Xbox platform.

If they're worried about failing like with kinect, MR isn't even a console platform. There's no risk. It's on pc. And with that play anywhere they keep talking about, they could do the "if you buy MR games on pc, you can play it on Xbox one."" If you buy MR games on Xbox, you can play them in MR on pc." It's a win win.

If they were committed,and I mean committed like oculus, Sony,valve, HTC, etc, we would be seeing not only good competition, but a faster foothold of vr on the market in general. Even if it's 500,000 to 1 million extra MR headsets sold for Xbox in a year,that's still adding to their pc MR sales and vr as a whole.

But I am glad Sony took the plunge. Been waiting for over 30 years for console vr. And it's awesome even if it's Gen 1 and not perfect. Fun is fun.

81BX187d ago

Having owned a psvr, I just don't see it in the cards for MS this gen. Psvr truly felt like an entry level piece of hardware. I was actually disappointed in it. The same way I was with the kinect. Great idea but poor experience over all.

Vasto187d ago

Next gen maybe. This gen no thanks.

VR still has a very long way to go.

shaggy2303187d ago

The problem I have with VR, is that when the current gen of VR headseats started off in Kickstarter, everyone said "Wait until next year, that's when it'll explode" then the following year it was "wait until next year, that's when the games will come" and finally the following year "Wait until next year, that's when the next-gen headsets are coming"

How many years do we have to wait?
How many years before the public get a little bored with VR?

I mean 3D was a thing a few years ago, but people didn't like it because they had to put glasses on. But with VR its somehow different?

And before the naysayers say "you haven't tried VR" I have, and within 20 minutes I was wanting to rip the damned thing off and chuck my guts up.

Mr_Writer85187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

3D also required an overpriced TV with little TV content.

VR can be used for games or video content.

I mean it even plays 3D movies (well PSVR does) also there much more VR content makers than 3D.

VR is a long way off from becoming a standard, but I think it's making strides in the right direction.

Also you say you've tried VR and threw up. Well your body adapts, also there are games that don't have any movement that makes you sick (example Moss) so motion sickness is a poor excuse.

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