Resident Evil 7: The Untold Tragedies of Capcom's House of Horrors

Resident Evil feels like an epilogue set dressed by the belongings of the very same people trying to kill us. This effect is better in Resident Evil 7, which features a homestead that feels very much inhabited, a place where almost every room – from the kitchen to the garage to the bedrooms – feels like a place interrupted in the process of merely living. A snapshot of the lives of your enemies before they were so, a home video on ‘Pause’.

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naruga193d ago

RE7 is a wrong game whole together ....Capcom null the fact that RE 7 even existed and create from scratch a whole new RE7 but this time properly

Muigi193d ago

I loved RS7 I don’t know what naruga is talkng about. HDR looks amazing! Not that scary but nothing really scares me honestly. I’d say easily the best since 4 IMO...again IMO.

Gridknac193d ago

Play it in vr if you want to experience the full on scary re7 has to offer.

Muigi193d ago

Your right I need to try that!