Free Radical had plans for Battlefront IV, V and VI, Rebellion tried to finish the project

The Vault Project has shared a really detailed document about the development of Free Radical’s Battlefront 3 game. According to the document, Free Radical had plans for more Battlefront games and signed up a deal with Lucas Arts.

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Sciurus_vulgaris194d ago

I previously heard Battle Front 3 was canceled because Lucas Arts lost faith in Free Radical due to the poor quality of Haze. Haze being as poorly received as it was lead to Lucas Arts pulling funding from Free Radical.

plmkoh194d ago

There you go a confirmation that Battlefront Elite Squadron is Battlefront 3 but salvaged. I remember all the dumbarses who tried to deny the bleeding obvious.

Zanarkand194d ago

What a splash of news.

Reading through that all the pain just comes flooding right back... this and TS4 were my most anticipated games.

Hardiman194d ago

Loved those two Battlefront games! Shame we didn't get more!