Media Create Sales - April 2nd 2018 - April 8th 2018

Media Create published its estimates for the first week of April in Japan.

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Neonridr282d ago

man MHW has dropped off considerably. I still can't believe Splatoon is selling as much as it is each week. The Japanese really adore this franchise.

Kirby just motoring along, should rack up some good sales totals there.

What's with the hardware totals for the PS4 this week? Man they are down real low.

Moonman282d ago

Kirby is doing so well back to #1. Mr. Iwata's baby. :)

1 Kirby Star Allies (Switch)
2 Far Cry 5 (PS4)
3 Splatoon 2 (Switch)
4 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)
5 Super Robot Taisen X (PS4)
6 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)
7 Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)
8 Nino II II Revenant Kingdo (PS4)
9 Detective Pikachu (3DS)
10 Super Robot Taisen X (PSV)

Lime123282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

MHW next week will reach 2 million, including digital it's over 2.8 million - higher than any Switch game

We're in April and PS4 is STILL best selling console YTD. Who would have thought?

Neonridr282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

for one more week Lime.. enjoy it while it lasts. Yokai Watch 4, Smash and Pokemon still to come. Sales are only gonna blow up. What PS4 game is going to drive hardware sales in Japan next? KH3 if it ever bothers to release? FFVII remake if it ever bothers to release? Just pray that neither of those two games come to Switch.

Do you know how much digital Splatoon 2 has done just out of curiosity? It couldn't have done 600k in digital sales? EDIT - having looked myself it seems like as of February it did about 200k in digital sales

Prince_TFK282d ago

“We're in April and PS4 is STILL best selling console YTD. Who would have thought?”

This again? Smh Lime.

Knushwood Butt281d ago

Yokai Watch is a franchise in decline.

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michellelynn0976282d ago

If MHW was on the Switch, it would have done better.

Knushwood Butt281d ago

Capcom didn't take Nintendo's cash incentive this time, so Capcom clearly disagree.

Neonridr281d ago

@Knushwood - it's cute that you think that Capcom won't make any more MH games for Nintendo.

Knushwood Butt281d ago

Oh I'm sure they will, if the price is right.

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Gemmol282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

With 10,000 more sales the Switch will pass ps4 year to date, with no big releases for 2018, the Switch erase the lead monster hunter world gave to ps4 hardware with no big games........this is scary, imagine if switch had a big game, after switch get 10,000 sales this week every sale after will eat away at the ps4 lead of 6 million until it eventually pass it

Splatoon went toe to toe with Dragon Quest 11 against PS4 and 3DS.....and Won

Everyone predicted monster hunter world would beat Splatoon, saying its bigger, they probably change their tune now but a simple search on this website will show their original response........splatoon 2 is still the highest selling at retail

Congrats to monster hunter world on ps4 next week it should reach 2 million retail sales.....all the new Japanese owners don't forget to thank me i help many with your assigned missions

Splatoon survive monster hunter, dragon quest, could it survive another big ps4 game ? That's the big question on most people mind, how far can splatoon go

jairusmonillas282d ago

What's the point of analyzing? Everybody in the world knows how Japan loves handhelds more than home consoles.

jairusmonillas282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Switch is a handheld with hdmi dock/port. It's a pure a handheld regardless.

majiebeast282d ago

Its a handheld with a cheap dock that upscales it to 1080P. Just because nintendo fanboys believe Nintendos PR bs doesn't mean the rest does.

Prince_TFK282d ago

The Switch does not only do well in Japan you know. It still is the fastest selling console in many other countries.

Neonridr281d ago

it's to get Lime to keep his/her mouth shut next week with the whole YTD crap. They will have to come up with a new argument. My guess is it will go back to comparing the Switch sales vs 3DS or DS..

monkeyshawn60281d ago

It is a hybrid. You don't get to tell Nintendo and the industry what it is.

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Lime123282d ago

Japan - the only place in the world where Switch is selling better than PS4

Knushwood Butt281d ago

Globally, PS4 is extending its lead over Switch.

michellelynn0976281d ago

@Knushwoof Butt. Got any proof?

Knushwood Butt281d ago

This is a start. If you want to go with announcements from the manufacturerers, be my guest.

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Gameseeker_Frampt281d ago

Weren't you and your fellow fanboys predicting Monster Hunter World would fail because it wasn't on a Nintendo handheld? You really are desperate now to have to change your tune so much. Apparently the game that has outsold Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Zelda, and Super Mario Odyssey is now not a great seller because Splatoon sold more. Seems like Japan and the rest of the world love Monster Hunter World, which is why it is Capcom's best selling game ever and has outsold Splatoon 2 worldwide.

Why can't you just enjoy the success of both games? Has the poor showing of Nintendo during the Wii U made you so desperate that you have to lunge after every small success of Nintendo and try to rub it into Sony's face?

michellelynn0976281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Um no. I never said it would fail. I knew MHW would ne a big hit. As a matter of fact. I predicted it to sell 8 million lifetime. Well, it will do better then that. Good for it.
Splatoon 2 and MHW both did great. Talk to Lime. I only said it would have sold more on the Switch and it would have.

Gameseeker_Frampt281d ago


That comment was directed at Gemmol, which is why I replied to his comment and didn't use @michellelynn0976 at the start.

I don't think you ever talked about Monster Hunter World sales, but you did spend a lot of time saying how dumbed-down the game was and that no true Monster Hunter fan would think it is a great game. You even went out of your way to say that Bayonetta 2 was "the first great game of the year" - which it wasn't (it wasn't even the first great remaster of the year - that is Shadow of the Colossus). Seems like you went out of your way to attack Monster Hunter World with the same old lines that all those experiencing sour grapes from it not being on Nintendo. You shouldn't be here on N4G - you need to be posting on the Youtube videos of the lifelong Monster Hunter players who say that Monster Hunter World is the best MH game yet. Surely you know better than gamers like ProJared and RageGaming and all the others.

Gemmol280d ago

@gameseeker Nope you can go back to all my comments, i wrote never count Sony out

If anything you should be going hard on me, i have monster hunter for ps4 and i do not have splatoon so who am i supporting ? 🤔

Either way i do enjoy sucess of both games that's why i gave both games a congrats, did you not read my part where i said i help a lot of Japan players with their monster hunter assigned missions????? If it wasn't for me they be stuck in the game

If a game do not become the best selling with over 100 million hardware (ps4 & Xbox &pc) then the game have problems

When Wii was 100 million it already sold over 34 million Mario kart games and it did not get bundle until it sold 32 million......

5 million is cool but not better than 34 million with 100 million customers or more

But since monster hunter do not have it good like Mario kart it did well, i have no complaints, and if u had the ps4 version you should be thanking me too i did a lot of sos mission i probably help you so many times and you never said thank you

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Gameseeker_Frampt280d ago


Well it is good to hear that you were not one of them since there were and still are plenty who are trying to downplay the success of Monster Hunter World. I don't think we've ever played together since when I'm not with my PSN friends I solo everything since I only go for the capture (I feel pretty bad about killing these beautiful monsters if I don't have to - chopping off their tail is another story).

The Wii's 100 million consoles should of meant a lot of Nintendo IPs were successful like Mario Kart but unfortunately many of them failed. Skyward Sword didn't sell past 4 million, either Kirby or Metroid games past 2 million, Xenoblade Chronicles barely sold 1 million. Even third party exclusives sold pretty bad with Monster Hunter Tri not even selling 2 million. Seems like if Mario isn't in a game many Nintendo fans won't buy it.

You really should get Splatoon 2 (since I assume you couldn't possibly mean the the first game). I don't have a Switch yet but we both know that Splatoon is one of the best new IPs in years and it seems like the sequel isn't disappointing anyone either.

Gemmol278d ago

lol i feel bad too, ask any of my friends, I feel like it is animal abuse, when ever me and my friends play together, we beat a nerganagite so bad it could not run to next stage like it normally do when its hurt

I do have a reason to get splatoon 2 since my cousin have it, but I will see, it depends on e3 for sony and Nintendo

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deadfrag282d ago

PS4 pro is actually selling way better now;another reason PS5 will be a late 2020 to early 2021 release rather than sooner.

michellelynn0976282d ago

I say by 2019, the Switch will be getting a lot more big hitters from Japanese developers and publishers. A lot of them were caught off guard by how well the Switch has done.

Knushwood Butt281d ago

Those that haven't already dabbled on Switch are unlikely to take sudden risks with a 'big hitter'.

Big_Game_Hunters281d ago

Who hasn't dabbed on switch in japan though? Literally every japanese dev was rushing to get what they can on switch when they saw it's success.

michellelynn0976281d ago

Then lose out. The Switch will sell over 25 million in Japan alone and look how long it took the ps1 to catch on. A lot of publishers were taken off guard. Namco/Bandai among many. It is a big hitter whether or not you like it and those who don't make game for it will lose out. Deal with it.

Knushwood Butt281d ago

@ Big

Yeah, fair point. I guess I'll wait until next year to see all these Switch exclusive big hitters.

kiddy281d ago

Ps4 released years before switch and switch catching up who would have thought

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