Westernization for Dummies: Rise of Western Game Design

Jacob Stutsman of Gamer 2.0 writes: "Videogame violence has a long history as old as Pong itself, but it wasn't until five or six years ago that violence was truly domesticated. This afforded critics the belief that we were on the precipice of the meteoric rise of the M rated game, which had everything to do with the violence of the time, a violence reflected in the radical shift of the industry. This might have been true, but I think that there was a corruption in the original thought that failed to underscore the true reality of the time: the rise of the western ideology."

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techwizz3657d ago

I think this article touches on a lot of things I've been noticing as well. I think Japanese game developers have started using American techniques. It's really quite superior, especially in the area of control. I much prefer the pacing and controls of western games and it's really evident how more intuitive they are. Look at the change in RE4 or MGS4. Those games are much better for their improved controls, which were influenced by Western design techniques.

AnthonyPerez3657d ago

I also feel the expanse of the West encroaching on the East. It's welcome for me though. I do like Japan's penchant for fantasy, but I'm finding myself a lot more engaged with games rooted more so in realistic settings like Mass Effect or BioShock.

Amadeo3657d ago

I personally see this as a fabulous trend we're seeing today. As I grew older, and more discerning, I began to realize that Japanese game designers aren't innovating the way that western game designers are. Perhaps we're just better marketers than those in the East, but designers here are constantly trying to think about ways to one-up games from the past, instead of simply changing the story. I see this as a good thing.