Bethesda showing "healthy number" of new projects at E3

Gamereactor spoke with Pete Hines about what's coming from the publisher.

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Muigi190d ago

Hopefully they’ll show those two huge games they said were coming before ES6.

lxeasy189d ago

I really want ES6 this year

Eldyraen189d ago

Next gen is more likely at this point imo. Which I’m fine with as hopefully it’s a whole new engine and not a cleaner version of old one again.

They are supposed to have two entirely new “ES/Fallout” sized games in production right now (also ES to some degree is rumored as they develop in parallel, but to various degrees on one or the other according to one of their dev videos).

Prince_TFK190d ago

All I want is a new Elder Scroll.

Mr Marvel189d ago

You, me and everyone else too buddy. ;)

Relientk77190d ago

Hope they're awesome games. Probably RPGs, which would be great.

Gaming_1st190d ago

Hopefully it will be games without optimizations issues and bugs.

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The story is too old to be commented.