Former GTA producer suffers setback in $150m lawsuit against Take Two

It has been almost exactly two years since the public first learned about Leslie Benzies' lawsuit against Rockstar. Benzies, the former head of Rockstar North and a longtime producer of the studio's biggest games, alleges that he was forced out of the company and is owed $150 million in unpaid royalties. The judicial system doesn't agree with that claim.

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attilayavuzer190d ago

Rich people suing other rich people

Profchaos190d ago

GTA will suffer without him it already has instead of seeing story dlc we get online DLC that's purely my speculation but from previous interviews he always seemed to be pushing storytelling more than anyone else

jairusmonillas190d ago

Online Multiplayer is the present and the future. Story DLC and other single player dlc is garbage.

The_Blue189d ago

He was a big part of GTA, the series will continue though.