Morrowind, Conker, Jade Empire, KOTOR 2 and others finally coming to Xbox One

Microsoft confirms that more original Xbox Games coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

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chaos-emeralds283d ago

Superb. Panzer dragoon, conker, blonde and star wars on the list this month.

Yi-Long283d ago

I'm so happy about SSX3 being on the list. It will be great to play that again, now with better graphics and performance than ever.

timotim282d ago

If Microsoft manages to revive/retool Conker's online component to work on X1, that would make this news phenomenal. I doubt it mind you, but you never know with it being a first party title and all. Either way, I'm there.

RamRod88282d ago

At least the game has bots to play against. Back before I had Live, this is how I played the multiplayer.

Avengerz43282d ago

Awesome great job MS. And the X playing older games at that great a resolution!! Can't wait to fire up RDR again just to see it in native 4k

Petebloodyonion282d ago

Well hoping that I can buy Panzer Dragoon Orta online to complete my collection of Panzer Dragoon experience (loved them on Saturn)

littletad282d ago

I'm pretty sure most titles that are backward compatible are able to be bought online as well. There were some setbacks like Blue Dragon, or multiple disc titles, but I think that issue was sorted out as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.