Ubisoft Confirms: No EndWar Demo for PS3

The demo is out on X360, but DailyGame has distinct confirmation from Ubisoft that the PS3 will not be getting a demo: "The demo, exclusively available for Xbox 360, is free and offered for download on Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360." Doesn't get more clear than that.

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dxmnecro3682d ago

Why is the PS3 constantly getting shafted in the demo department?

Jamegohanssj53682d ago

I want to know who actually wants this game.


Barreldragon003682d ago

But now that i cant even try a demo i'm not sure if i'll take the risk especially now with so many other games coming out now that i want.

falviousuk3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

The games main control system is using voice control(which works very well even with my scottish accent) all 360's come with a mic.
You can use your pad to play of course.
This may be a possible reason, but then again may not be

morganfell3682d ago

Morganfell Confirms: No End War Purchase.

Man_of_the_year3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

I am totally excited about this game and can't wait - will DL the demo as soon as i get home from work. The reason it was released on xbox live and not PSN is becasuse the games main attribute is voice command 360 comes with mic's and the PS3 doesn't - ubisoft doesn't want to lose potential sales for the PS3 since many players don't have mic's by releasing a demo that PS3 owners will not be able to utilize the main function of voice control - smart idea as some people on N4G would just say "i don't get it - what is so great about this game - it plays just like all the other RTS games" and then the game gets a bad rap...

DiabloRising3682d ago

Interesting line of thought Mr. Year, but also could work against them and hinder sales. Less people will be able to try the game, thus turning off potential customers who maybe WANT "just another RTS."

Silly, stupid move all around, same as the lack of CoDWaW Beta being on both systems.

This is not a slight against MS, but I can feel the incentives working behind this. There is simply no smart business sense behind this move at all.

Rapture3333682d ago

I smell a pay check from microsoft!

NegativeCreep4273682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Because Microsoft has the absolutely idiotic, butt-headed competitive tactic of relying on purchasing away anything and everything it can that could have a chance on the PS3 (even short 15 minute demos).

Well here is my big middle-finger right up to Ubisoft; You certainly won't be getting any of my Andrew Jacksons.

(BTW my middle-finger has been up in Microsoft's face for practically the entire year so nobody needs to tell me I missed that one).

BLuKhaos3682d ago

Thats too bad because I was planning on actually buying the game but I guess now I can download the full PC version for free.Thanks Ubi for saving me from a horrible purchase like you did with RSV 2.Anyways Dead Space just got bumped up on my list.

Bangladesh3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Endwar is designed around voice command. PS3 doesn't come with a headset, so why waste time making a demo for folks who can't even play the game correctly?

MazzingerZ3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

c'mon it's the first game in a long time that doesn't release a demo on the PS3...what i think it's a shame is that devs don't take advantage of the universal KY support on the PS3...they should support KY + Mouse on the PS3...I guess the FragX controller should work fine...

The reason is that for a PS3 demo they would've needed to setup dedicated servers while on XBL they can use the cheap peer-to-peer for the only available mode in the demo (One-2-One versus mode) do otherwise would mean to put out a demo on the PS3 that is not representative of the real online experience you'll get.

Besides, when you have SOCOM and Resistance 2, LBP (GOTY) just a round the corner why would you care about this RTS?...many X360 owners don't care either they just pretend it's a great "exclusive" LOL

juuken3682d ago

I wonder about the same thing as well. :/

jlytle12343682d ago

sony doesnt require dedicated servers for games online.


To be honest, I wasn't even remember about it with so many games coming out and I don't know many of my friends expecting it too... Now, even people expecting it shall drop it.

I'm not going the Patcher way here, but I say it won't sell greatly on PS3 becuase of the release date (Ubisoft and fanboys will say PS3 owners don't buy games or any other bullsh*t) and because of the genre itself (don't know that much people that still playing strategy games).

And don't give me that mc crap... It's a RTS, you can indeed play with your pad. In a matter of fact, would be more smart to make it keyboard compatible (I can only say one comand at a time, what about you?). People buying it are RTS funs regardless of the mic.

And the mic don't mean good or fresh as many people are thinking. Don't saying it's a bad thing, but we have seen it before, devs implementing a game to the "mic gameplay", not the other way around. I would wait before saying it shall be great.

And about the P2P, it's not like PS3 games NEEDS to have servers-based online multiplayer, it doesn't. You can make the online multiplayer in P2P, the problem is that PS3 don't have a built it platform for it, so Ubisoft would have to make it anyway (still not excuse enough for me).

kwicksandz3682d ago

Sony hasnt released their BT headset yet, and most ps3 owners dont have a 3rd party one. what good is a demo if most of your install base cant play the game?

GameDev3682d ago

this crap game was never on my radar so who cares, what really cracks me up is how the diehard 360 fanboys in this thread seem to care wether PS3 owners will buy it or not. STRANGEEEEEEE

The simple fact is that sales for this game will suffer on PS3 and give them less of a pool to recover development costs from. DUMB MOVE all around. You try to reach the WIDEST possible audience with demos of your product. In fact most companies would look at what these devs are doing for M$ and just shake their heads.

besides DEAD SPACE freaking rocks, SOCOM rocks, and there is a ton of stuff coming out this month. SO AGAIN endwar what?

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Grassroots3682d ago

Not so sure I understand the methodology they use not giving PS3 users a demo. More people might be enticed to purchase the game after a tasters. Their lose in the end of the day for not putting the extra effort into it.

solidjun53682d ago

I mean, the goal is to sell more games across all the platforms, especially considering UBISOFT is 3rd party and EndWar is already a multiplatform game. So companies for exclusive demoes? that's...retarded IMO.

Skyyo3682d ago

I was interested and hoping for a demo.

Now with no demo they wont be getting my money.

Also the way Ubi is treating the PS3 is kinda tweaking me. May not purchase many more of there games.

Lets be honest though I highly doubt they care about one PS3 owner.

*claps sarcastically*

sanamsingh3682d ago

have always been 360 fanboys

GiantEnemyCrab3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

How many 360 fanboy sites/devs are there now?

Damn, I'm glad I own a 360 then.

btw you can thank $ony for not including mics with the PS3. This game is controlled by voice and why put a demo out on a platfrom that has shoddy mic support. I'm surprised they are even making the game for the PS3.

ravinshield3682d ago

dont even trip,sony fangirls are used to not getting much from developers

Mr BlueScreen3682d ago

Don't look like your getting much for the 360 this year. Or next year.
Now who are the fanboys that aren't getting much? Oh ya! YOU!

Don't make me write that Very long list of PS3 exclusives.

Go Go Sony Rangers3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Yeah! We have uhm... Let me see... uhhh... Littlebigplanet, YEAH ITS THE BOMB. And uhm, err, exclusives exclusives... umm, OH. RESISTANCE 2.... Oh and err... mmmmmm..... Well... ummm... uhhh.... mmm... That one driving game with the ATVs and the deserts and the beaches ummm.... Well that one too.

OH AND WE HAVE HOME! well that's not a game either... well... uhhh...


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ThatCanadianGuy3682d ago


Well,you wont be getting my 60$ then Ubisoft :)

IrishAssa3682d ago

your not missing much it's average in my opinion.