New Update Makes Red Dead Redemption Run in Native 4K on Xbox One X

Red Dead Redemption now runs in native 4K on Xbox One X thanks to a new enhancement patch released today. Play it in the highest fidelity yet.

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DarkVoyager286d ago

This is great. One of the best games ever made now in 4K. Can’t wait for RDR2.

raWfodog285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

Just checked it out on yt. The update does look amazing.

I really would love to pick up an XB1X but that price needs to come down about $100 for me to even seriously consider getting one. Maybe my wife will surprise me this holiday like she did last Xmas with my PS4P.

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jhpadilla285d ago

I’m looking out for deals. The X will complement my PS4 Pro perfectly! Also, 4K UHD Blu rays!! hehe

Minute Man 721285d ago

every now and then ebay has the X @ $400

4Sh0w285d ago

Yeah got to check this out, X games
& UHD Bluray movies look dope on my 4K Samsung.

fiveby9284d ago

It is pretty cool they are updating X360 titles for 4K. I wish MS would put as much effort in new titles as well as showing love for older ones. I have RDR on my OG X1. I’d consider getting an x1x if I could sell or get a decent trade in on the OG model and catch the X1X on sale or a good bundle. But at $500 I just can’t justify it it yet, maybe someday it will sit alongside my OG PS4 and my PS4 Pro. But still kudos on showing some love for RDR from MS backwards compat team.

AAWELLS09284d ago

TBH man you really gotta see it in game. Its been one of my favorite games ever made and I've played it dozens of times over the yrs and when I played it after the update I was kinda in shock that it looked as good as it does. Its kinda crazy what a resolution bump will do to an older game like this one.

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WilliamSheridan285d ago

Can we please get 4k for GTAV now? And maybe an LOD boost or draw distance boost?

fibicav284d ago

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timotim286d ago

Wow. Great Job Microsoft. This makes yet another definitive version for their console and another classic that takes advantage of modern TVs going forward.

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kevnb285d ago

probably pretty good, it already ran locked 30 on xbox one.

2pacalypsenow285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

ugh.. At least it looks pretty.

shloobmm3285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

They don't change any of the code. So if it has a 30 fps cap its gonna stay there. Anyone who has followed x1 bc should know that

zaherdab285d ago

i confused it for 60 fps when i first loaded it ... it looked butter smooth

Gman32285d ago

you just a comment below saying theres no point in getting a xbox one x now you saying whats the frame rate on RDR with xbox one x enhanced patch

2pacalypsenow285d ago

Who said there's no point in getting an Xbox 1 X?

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ZiggyStarnuts285d ago

That looks gorgeous! Gonna get on this ASAP in preparation for Red Dead 2.