Online-Service Live Anywhere

15 pics of Online-Service Live Anywhere. Live Anywhere will enable a variety of non-Xbox platforms such as a Windows Vista PC, Windows Mobile phones, and Java-enabled phones to connect to Xbox Live, albeit with lesser functionality. This revolutionary new service was demonstrated by Bill Gates on a Motorola Q phone running Windows Mobile. A gamer will be able to keep a Gamertag, purchase and play Xbox Live Arcade games, and connect to other Xbox Live users to play Arcade games and conduct text, audio, and (eventually) video chat. The service will be open to any 3rd-party developers, but must be able to provide key functionalities such as game ratings, achievement points, and the ability to properly connect to Xbox Live.

USMChardcharger6603d ago

you have to admit, no matter which system you support, that M$ is leaps and bounds above the others as far as online service goes.
not saying the others want get there, but it will take many years to fine tune everything as M$ has been doing since 2001.

BIadestarX6603d ago

No matter what Sony or Nintendo fanboys say out there, this alone proves who will dominate online gamming in the future. Check this out:
One can imagine how many developers will "Jump In" and create games. Having a unified Network for all games + development environment is a dream come true. As a developer ( + c# + DirectX) this is something I am looking forward.

shotty6603d ago

Ya, it pretty obvious that not Sony or Nintendo can catch up to Microsoft online wise. Unless Sony or nintendo comes with it's own OS for the PC and for Mobile and they both become mainstream and then willing to invest billions setting this up. Conclusion: not very likely

PS360PCROCKS6603d ago

yep win for Microsoft, their doing a good job, this is definitely a big deal

shotty6603d ago

So now without being at home, I can download content for my xbox 360 through my cellphone and it will be ready to play when I get home. ;)

schnodder6603d ago

yeah. i didn't thought about that. nicee!

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Is Free-to-Play Lust Goddess worth playing? (NSFW)

CG writes: We have invested quite a number of hours into the free-to-play (F2P) browser, Steam, Android based game Lust Goddess also known as Lyssa Goddess of RAGE (which is a less adult version of the same game). Apparently 3 years in the making and offering turn-based card battling, all wrapped-up in dodgy AI created art, we ask whether it's worth the time investment. Key word here being F2P. Our aim with these types of game is to see how long we can progress before the dreaded pay-to-win mechanics kick-in. Yes, you can spend a staggering £499.99 for just one item or nothing at all but will spend an eternity grinding to hell and back (smells like a money laundering scheme to us). Steam says there are over 100K players with double or more on browser, so that's a pretty decent following.

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Chocoburger20h ago

Cheaply made AI art + free-to-play design with egregious micro-trash-actions? NO!!! ITS OBVIOUSLY NOT WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

bunt-custardly20h ago

Agree with your sentiment, but if you don't put any cash down and just grind away, no harm done aside from your sanity.

ZeekQuattro14h ago

The only I spend money on is the Fist of the North Star mobile game. Everything else I just grind it out. Let the whales fund the games.

jznrpg6h ago

lol grind away is a good way to put it

EternalTitan2h ago

Its got better character design than Concord.


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The Nintendo Switch 2 may be a turning point for handheld FPS games, and it needs Embark Studios' The Finals to get on its roster before COD does.

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Lexreborn24h ago

The switch 2 is likely to be possibly no more powerful then a ps4 maybe a ps4 pro. And, if it’s a portable you can pretty much say an Xbox one. I wish nintendo would just make a console to compete with Sony and MS just one more time.

I would love to see a super high fidelity next gen version of Mario, Zelda, kid Icarus, etc. but hey people happy with 13 year old tech condensed and redistributed for 6-10 years i guess it is what it is.