Morrowind, KOTOR 2, Jade Empire Headline New Wave of Original Xbox Backwards Compatible Games

Microsoft's list of original Xbox games playable on the Xbox One is growing with nearly 20 classics coming to the program this month.

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darthv72282d ago

With Sega allowing PDO to come to bc, I hope they are on board with other Sega games as well. Gun Valkyrie, Otogi, Sega GT, JSRF and perhaps Shenmue 2. Personally i'd love to see Outrun 2 or 2006 but since they no longer have the Ferrari license... that might not happen.

chaos-emeralds282d ago

I'd love for more sega saturn and dreamcast releases. I know sega and Microsoft have been doing something.. Just don't know what yet.

darthv72282d ago

Oh man... if MS announced DC and Saturn playback on the xbo.... that would be insane.

timotim283d ago

Panzer Dragoon Orta!!!
Jade Empire!!!

Can't wait to add these to my library on X. Having Elder Scrolls 3,4 and 5 on one box is crazy!

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TheCommentator281d ago

I can't understand the mentality of some people who think that playing something old is a bad idea. It's like saying that A Fistful of Dollars shouldn't be watched anymore because I can watch The Unforgiven instead. Why even agree with the notion of instead in the first place?

Besides that, plenty of old games are classics whose uniqueness never got duplicated, like Jade Empire. Having one place to play them all is a phenomenal value, and you're right in your reply to Planet Earth that they are a great way for younger generations to experience the roots of not only gaming in general, but some of the greatest franchises of all time!

Bigpappy281d ago

I will replay both morrowing and jade empire. Jade first. Morrowind is massive, but I still remember a lot about it. Would be interesting to have all the expansions included. I completed all the expansions too by the way.

StifflerK283d ago

I'm really happy that Panzer Dragoon is on the list, I'll definitely be getting Blinx, Breakdown, Conker and Mercenaries as well.
BC is a great feature - looking forward to seeing which other classic games the BC team bring back next.

Hardiman282d ago

Those were the days! Now if games of that caliber were released today it'd be awesome!

chaos-emeralds282d ago

And that's why we keep going back to them.

kevnb282d ago

I doubt we will see something as uncompromising as morrowind any time soon :(

Hardiman281d ago

Oh you misunderstood, there are games that surpass that caliber like Witcher 3, HZD, Uncharted, Bloodborne, Persona 5, Nier Automata just to name a few and GOW looks to be stunning! I just meant titles like these were Xbox exclusives and the reason I supported them then.

chaos-emeralds281d ago

Yes, and you mention ps4 games. Microsoft has been very lazy with new games this gen. Been loving most of what you put, especially HZD. I can't wait yo get back into panzer dragoon or ta. That game never gets old for me.

Hardiman281d ago

@Chaos yeah Jade Empire was one of my favorite Xbox games! That and KOTOR just were revolutionary for their day!

kevnb275d ago

None of the games you mentioned surpass Morrowind, which is really a pc game with an xbox port.