Skyward Sword is Better Than Breath of the Wild

Skyward Sword is Better Than Breath of the Wild - Breath of the Wild is a great game, but it lacks the story and innovation that Skyward Sword possesses.

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guywazeldatatt1991d ago

Skyward Sword needs to come out in HD on the Switch. I think people will appreciate it then. finally.

emiyaxtousaka1990d ago

It does. The visuals just aren't quite right and Miyamoto's vision graphically was never really realized.

mikeslemonade1990d ago

Lots of zeldas are better than Breath of the Wild. Breath of the Wild is just box puzzles, walking simulator, and climbing simulator. Small dungeons and forgettable bosses. Poor pop in and poor draw distance.

Shiken1990d ago


Yet it rightfully won almost every GotY award of 2017.

The more you know ----------☆

Tapani1990d ago

The atmosphere in BOTW is unmatched in today's open world games. It gave me and my wife a feeling that we are constantly witnessing high level art in regards to music and art design, but also extremely interesting world and experiencing a feeling of being lost in a huge world. The music and sound design was also top notch. It's not about the feeling that you end up with after finishing it, but the feeling when you first enter the world and roam it for the first 50 hours. Those hours were excellent! (The DLC was horrible, though.)

I personally could not finish Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, but did finish all the Zeldas before that and enjoyed Gameboy's Link's Awakening probably the most in the series so far. Wind Waker I did finish, but I thought it was just ok. Haven't tried Skyward Sword, as I'm not too keen to swing a Wiimote around when I'm playing. Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword remasters would find their way to our Switch, though!

DarkKaine1990d ago


Including best OST, while the game has pretty much no (memorable) music whatsoever.
The more you know ;)

Anyway, glad people are finally seeing thru the smoke and mirrors of open world trash.
If you have a world that is 20 times as big as another game in the same franchise then you either need a developement team that is also 20 times as big, or 20 times more time to even come close to realizing a LEGIT open world game that doesn't feel fucking empty everywhere with filler content.
Give me a linear game over open world anyday, at least this way I'm not wasting my precious time travelling for a stupid Korok seed. I still can't believe people are liking it, except for kids these days I guess.

PS: Give me another Majora's Mask. thanks :)

UnHoly_One1990d ago

So Shiken, do you let other people tell you what to think about everything, or just games?

I don't give two craps about how many awards a game got, or whether it has a 10 or a 5 on metacritic.

I like what I like, and that's it.

The 10th Rider1989d ago

I think it's not just the graphics that weren't fully realized . . . the Loftwings were a fantastic idea and would be amazing if there was a more open world to explore, or islands in the sky as significant as Wind Waker's islands, but the ground area ended up being one of the more corridored Zelda games thanks to the Wii's limitations and there wasn't much to explore in the sky.

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Sirk7x1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I agree, but it needs some editing to make it a better game. Less handholding(way less), streamline some quests, make it so that you don't enter a loading screen when flying and landing in Skyloft, and a new lighting engine. That would do great justice to the gem underneath SS, which probably had the best storytelling in a Zelda game to date.

Although, Link's Awakening has always been my favorite.

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kainslayer1990d ago

cough cough emulation pc better than anything out there

dedicatedtogamers1990d ago

Putting it on Switch wouldn't overcome the game's constant nagging from Fi nor the terrible combat nor the terrible story nor the boring overworld (if you could even call it an Overworld).

It was a bad Zelda and sold accordingly: lower sales than any other console Zelda in history, yet released on Nintendo's highest-selling console. It was the culmination of all the "PuzZelda" crap that had been gradually infesting the series.

Breath of the Wild brought back the original feel of the earlier games (emphasis on exploration and combat instead of NPCs and puzzles) which is why it will likely overtake OoT as the best- selling game in the franchise.

3-4-51990d ago

I'll play it when I don't have to use motion controls.

Wind Waker HD is much more enjoyable as it has legit controls.

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Neonridr1991d ago

Skyward sword has its charms. They put so much emphasis on the motion controls though, which still never felt fully right. I think an HD port on Switch would be nice though, for those who might have missed it on the Wii.

guywazeldatatt1991d ago

biggest problem was that it came out at the end of the Wii's lifecycle. interesting contrast with BOTW and the switch.

EddieNX 1991d ago

I absolutely adored skyward sword and thought the motion controls were amazing!

Love to see a remake where you use the joycons instead of the wiimote and nunchuck. That game would look drop dead gorgeous with updated visuals!

guywazeldatatt1990d ago

I'd be interested to see if people would take a better liking to it using the joycons instead of the wiimote. Plus the HD visuals would be astounding. I never had problems with my wiimote but I know some people say they did.

EddieNX 1990d ago

To me personally that game is close to perfect. It's not for everyone but it was definitely for me. Im getting nostalgic just thinking about it. I need a remake of it

wonderfulmonkeyman1990d ago

My big issue with SS is that the side content felt lack-luster and dull.
The ability to upgrade my gear was nice but the other side quest stuff, gratitude crystals especially, were all just...annoying. Even finding the heart pieces didn't feel as fun as in previous Zelda titles.

Zeldafan641990d ago

The motion controls aren't perfect but I enjoy them immensely.

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Poli_Games1991d ago

Noooooo way Ocarina, Majora, botw

Rippcity1990d ago

Let's be serious people. TP, MM, OOT, ALTTP, WW, SS. BotW isn't even in the running.

nintendoswitchfan1991d ago

it really depends on what you look for in a Zelda game IMO. I wish BOTW had more story though.

guywazeldatatt1990d ago

For me, puzzles and dungeons, and the story was so good in SS I have to put it at the top. BOTW is the opposite.

porkChop1990d ago

Story is the one area where I felt Breath was a bit lacking. I get what they were going for, and it made sense, but the narrative could have been fleshed out a bit more.

Segata1990d ago

An open world to explore like the original on NES and BoTW. Tho I do also love WW and Links Awakening

-Foxtrot1991d ago

See they both have their flaws in my opinion which always puts them under the other great Zelda games in my mind. I always found the openness of Zelda was pretty balanced in past games, they never swayed too far to one side and managed to keep everything in check.

Skyward Sword for me was far too limited and restricted you a lot compared to past Zelda games, it felt repetitive in structure and just didn't really have much variety. It's main issue for this game was motion controls.

Breath of the Wild was however far too open where it felt baron in some places, with repetitive enemies, lack of amazing unique dungeons, epic boss fights and other Zelda elements which made Ocarina and the like so good. The main issue for this game was it's awful weapon breakage system.

I don't see why they can't just balance the two like how they used to do it.

nintendoswitchfan1991d ago

I like what they did with ALBW. They gave a certain degree of freedom but at the same time there was a story and it was a really great game. Probably the best Zelda game since...god...Wind Waker?