The Most Outrageous Nintendo Accessories… Ever

They were something talked about in a boardroom, approved by a team of mad engineers and hit gaming store shelves across the world. Here is a list of the most outrageous gaming accessories Nintendo has come out with over the years.

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TheLegend1985191d ago

I still own the Power Glove! I try and teach my kids some old school knowledge but they just don't get it!

Magnus190d ago

I love the Super Scope I had fun with it on my SNES I even had fun with the Menacer as well on my Genesis.

JROCKNXL190d ago

Do you remember the Sega Activator?

Magnus190d ago

Yeah the Activator was like a ancestor to the Kinnect over prices and only had three games that actually used it Eternal Champions, Comix Zone and Mortal Kombat