On PlayStation 3, Barack Obama 'Burnout' Billboard Sells Something Else

Stephen Totilo of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"So what product is being advertised in the PS3 version of Paradise City on the billboard that's running Obama on the 360? Take a look:"

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Xbox 360 shot

PS3 shot
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SeanScythe3656d ago

Thank goodness, I got the better version to begin with.

deeznuts3656d ago

Obama is a commie. I'm a capitalist pig plain and simple. Cannot vote for him.

Is there a political forum section on n4g? Oh no? Then no further comment.

JBaby3433656d ago

McCain is too old and I don't like what he proposes especially with regards to healthcare and taxes. Obama is just not trustworthy with ties to terrorists and sleeper cells in America plus that church he was a member of for so many years and all the crap that got spewed from that preacher's mouth.

The whole thing just sucks. Last debate of lies, misdirection, pointing fingers, (not answering the questions too) is tonight.

*sigh* God help us.

name3656d ago

Yeah I saw that. Early voting starts in Illinois soon. I'm voting for him, but I don't like ads in video games. Don't hate them, just don't like them. The bright side of this is at least he doesn't hate video games and such.

matt19913656d ago

ill have to diagree (i did not disagree on your post) i think it make the world in video games seem more real

tatical3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

These type of ads aren't too intrusive to me, they're just there so I don't mind. Its just a billboard.

I don't mind the ads on this site, besides the animation they don't do anything.

But I really hate it when websites play that "Fat Joe" song or "Congratulations! You just won a Free iPod Nano". This kind of stuff makes me want to use software to block all ads.

JBaby3433656d ago

I've learned enough from all the bogus claims against games to keep the politicians away from them.

Zhit3656d ago

The ads have been in Burnout Paradise since release. Can't remember the name of the ad company, but they work with EA. Any time you connect to the Xbox Live or PSN networks, if EA has new ads, the billboards change. I've seen the billboards change several times during extended play cycles.

i.e. just because a certain billboard in your game shows something, it does not mean a fellow gamer will see the exact same ad.

ThatCanadianGuy3656d ago

Wow..the 360 version looks like sh!t.

Go Go Sony Rangers3656d ago


In this episode, ThatCanadianGuy420 trolls harder than he's ever trolled before by stating a cold, hard comment about the Xbox 360!!

Will he reply to this?!
Will he figure out that no one cares?!
Will he stop his trolling?!

Find out next time in the next episode of Mighty Trolling Sony Rangers!!!

PopEmUp3656d ago

you really make my day

-GametimeUK-3656d ago

this is knda cool... I just dont want this stuff to get out of hand (which it will)

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