God of War: how Sony is rebooting Kratos

Marie Dealessandri: "We talk to Sony’s product manager Jon Edwards about marketing an established franchise as a reboot and how the publisher hopes to expand the God of War fanbase with the most mature title in the series to date."

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Nyxus191d ago

“Our pre-orders are in line with our expectations at this point and we anticipate a significant increase once the reviews go live.”

Sounds like they are confident about those reviews (and the very early embargo indicates this as well).

BeardedDrachen190d ago

PlayStation keeps setting th bar every year.

oof46190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

I like this. A common complaint of Kratos' character, in previous games, was he was very one note. Rage, rage and more rage. I love the depth that they have added in this game.

PhoenixUp190d ago

Not rebooting since it’s the same Kratos in continuity, just reimagining