5 shocking games based on real life events

Wiehahn Diederichs, Gearburn writes: "Video games are a medium we use to escape the harshness of reality, providing gamers with a plethora of fantastical digital worlds and magical creatures beyond our wildest imaginations. But sometimes the truths behind these fictional works are stranger, and often considerably more terrifying, than you could have ever imagined."

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Fist4achin1107d ago

Interesting. I didn't know they made a game about Dyatlov. Scary, unexplained event there...

Wiehahn1106d ago

Yeah, very interesting and extremely beautiful game! But the Dyatlov incident though, what a total mind f*ck! Especially the strange orange orbs people saw flying around...

Fist4achin1106d ago

That and the fact the hikers went berserk inside their tents and were later found pretty much in their underwear with injuies like broken bones that were from unexplainable causes.