Gears of War 2 - New multiplayer screenshots

Epic Games published a batch of new Gears of War 2 multiplayer screenshots. Check them out.

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borgome3681d ago

If you truly are Canadian you're making us look like douchebag's, because that's what you are. Oh wait, your probably a frenchy looser from Quebec, ahh, that explains it.

ThatCanadianGuy3681d ago

LOL! So i don't like your precious gears of war and im a douche?
Cry me a river,dumbass.

borgome3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

It's because your just like every other LOSER troll who has to add some lame comment in every article about a certain game he/she doesn't like. That's why, douchebag!

AngryHippo3681d ago

....kind of to be expected from a rabid Sony fanboy troll really isn't it. Please go to the PS3 threads and stay there.

AngryHippo3681d ago

.....was calling you a douche, maybe because of the fact, you are a hardcore Sony fan, posting a comment saying 'not impressed' in a 360 thread about a game which you have no interest in whatsoever and have no intention of playing ever.

Therefore i agree, you are a douche.

On topic, i can't wait for this game, the multiplayer looks like great fun, wasn't a big fan of the multiplayer in Gears 1 but this looks like a much more enjoyable experience. Singleplayer looks gret though. Cant wait.


Don't pay attention to him dude. ThatCanadianGuy usually give us a bad rep but I dont feel to bad about it cuz I know he's a "reformed" (obviously high right now) crackhead loser. Most likely from the far far east eh newfie?

ThatCanadianGuy3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Im the rabid Sony fanboy? lol
And yet,i have a PS3 & 360.
Idiots man,this site is crawling with em.

Far east?? 450 Bourke Apartment 1 C
Montreal Quebec-1 mile from the airport

Im home from 12pm-11Pm
I dare you to come say that to my face,punk.

styleguy1003681d ago

HAHAHAHAHA thats so funny! You just got owned pure and simple, really. lol You really are from Quebec. Wow pwneD?

Go Go Sony Rangers3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

LMFAO. borgome hit the nail right on the head with a giant ass hammer. All those damned people from Québec give all of us Canadians an bad image. I wished Stephen Dion was Prime minister so he could separate the province and I wouldn't have to hear French or speak it forever. Damn you frenchies, DAMN YOU.

ThatCanadianGuy420 est la disgrâce à Canadiens, mes amis. Espèce de salope, ThatCanadianGuy420 aller de France, fermer ton bouche sil vous plaît.

That's all I picked up from my damned French class, and I don't care if I butchered your language.

cmrbe3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

So, everyone that dosen't like Gears 2 is a Sony troll?.

So should we say then that all people that hate on LBP are MS trolls? Lol!

You fools are really are simple idiots.

Edit: Sony Rangers, Sorry i only know about Green MC ranger.

Go Go Sony Rangers3681d ago

Is it just me or is it a lot more douchier in this zone? Oh wait, that's because there's Sony rangers in here. You don't like the game? Cool, don't tell us about it. Simple as that. But with your thinking I'm going to be perfectly honest, I F*CKING HATE LBP WITH A BURNING PASSION. You don't see me in every LBP news page hating on it. Grow some balls please. Simply idiots? Shouldn't you be talking to smarter people (in your mind, probably fellow Sony rangers) instead of talking to 'idiots'?

Ranger please.


ThatCanadianGuy3681d ago

He didn't "Hit the nail on the head" All he did was check out my youtube page wow...he's soooo smart..atleast he's got more brain cell's then the rest of you.

And just because i live in Quebec im French???
I don't even speak french,im Irish.F*ckin eh.It doesn't surprise me that idiots of you're caliber are all Diehard 360 fanboys.

borgome3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Wrong again "monsieur", I didn't look at your youtube page, so I did hit the nail on the head. If you are "Irish" like you claim to be, the arrogance and all of the other annoying habits of the French must be rubbing off on you.

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borgome3681d ago

Harry Potter bats for the other team, don't you know?

Massive-Delusion3681d ago

Don't get me wrong, there's no denying that Gears of War 2 looks good graphically but it looks too much like Gears of War 1. Is this a limitation of the Unreal Engine 3, the graphical or disk capacity of the 360 or both?

TrenchaunT3681d ago

So if it doesn't get a "most improved graphics" award it's not worth it? That reminds me of middle school when I would ace the math tests and the teacher disliked me (probably because I was a jerk), and yet some kids who did really poorly would get a pat on the back or even a reward for improvement for later doing only slightly poorly. The reason Gears2 is not hugely different from Gears1 is because they both are awesome.

cherrypie3681d ago

"Is this a limitation of the Unreal Engine 3, the graphical or disk capacity of the 360 or both?"

Neither. Because it "looks like Gears 1" because it is the SEQUAL. A CONTINUATION. Of course it looks similar.

You havent a clue what you're talking about. UE is simply a 3D engine, it is built in layers to take advantage of the hardware it runs on -- over time, EU will be more and more tuned -- it is not "limited" any more than the hardware.

Clearly, based on the way Xbox 360 games look -- and Gears 2 is an example -- there is piles of hardware in the Xbox 360 to bring to the table.

Please, stop your clearly ignorant arm-chair technical analysis.

Fan Tastic3681d ago

Perhaps the framerate is slightly better and doesn't tear as much. Or load textures as slowly this time?

3681d ago
pumpkinpunker3681d ago

Then I might recommend you see an optometrist and get a set of good glasses.

Fan Tastic3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Now go crawl back into your toilet where you came from and shut the lid.

edit: smart move on the edit. Still doesn't stop you from being a racist POS simply for deleting the hateful comment.

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