The stories of Final Fantasy XIII, according to TGS press kit

How helpful are TGS press kits? Well, let us know. Here's word-for-word what we're told about the stories of FFXIII and Versus. (Let us know if you see any similarities.)

Final Fantasy XIII:
Experience stunning graphics and immersive controls as you delve into the tale of a world where crystals steer the course of human destiny.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII:
In a kingdom where the order of sword and sorcery reigns, conflict erupts over the last remaining crystal. Experience gravity-defying, action-packed battles in a modern setting.

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UltimateIdiot9113657d ago

I like the sound of Versus. Sword fight FTW.

shqype3657d ago

You're right. I've been a huge Final Fantasy fan for years, and I love how they're tying Versus in with FF13. Final Fantasy 13 will relate to us the story of the crystals in a world where they're everywhere, while Versus continues the story in the present day with the last remaining crystal. We get to see both the beginning and the end of the crystals.

I'm really excited for it!

TheColbertinator3657d ago

Agito XIII and how it relates to the crystal will be compelling.Personally the PSP version is the most important one to me

shqype3657d ago

Really Steven Colbert? I find that strange. I see Agito as an optional element to flesh out the remaining story, but I expect to get the largest (and most satisfying chunks) of the story from FF13 and FFV13.