How Squaresoft Struggled to Fit Mario into an RPG for Super Mario RPG

Ubisoft earned a wave of attention last year when it announced it was partnering with Nintendo to make a turn-based tactical strategy game featuring the cast and locales of the Mario games.

The fact that Ubisoft convinced Nintendo to give Mario a gun was surprising, but it wasn't the first time Nintendo partnered with an external company to put Mario in a new kind of game. Notably, in the '90s Nintendo partnered with Squaresoft to make Super Mario RPG for the SNES.

"We didnt want to make a normal RPG that simply substituted in Mario characters, like some cheap Final Fantasy sprite-swap," said director Chihiro Fujioka in newly-translated interviews from 1995.

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fenome191d ago

Great game, I still have my SNES cartridge.

strayanalog191d ago

Can't believe this wasn't dug up sooner! I think I'm going to read the longer interview, because this short snippet wasn't enough for my curiosity.

Definitely one of my all-time favorite games, which I still have the cartridge and box to.

zaherdab191d ago

Let us know if you decided to read it... we wouldnt want 2 people reading the ame thing

strayanalog191d ago

Totally. That's punishment for shoplifting in some parts of the globe. Your turn if you want to.

NotoriousWhiz191d ago

This is the Mario Rpg that needed a sequel. Shame we'll probably never get one.

PhoenixUp190d ago

How is it that Square kept the rights to Geno but not the rights to Sora