Bethesda's Pete Hines Comments on Possibility of Porting The Elder Scrolls: Legends to Consoles

Bethesda Vice President of Marketing Pete Hines appears to be keen on the possibility to release The Elder Scrolls: Legends on consoles.

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Vrabstin191d ago

As much as I enjoy Bethesda games, this game feels like a clone rather than a unique and compelling game. I can't support that :...

PhantomS42191d ago

How about we get The Elder Scrolls 6 instead of a dumb card game nobody plays.

Gahl1k191d ago

They are still developing 2 new IPs, so long time till TES VI.

PhantomS42190d ago

It's been too long, the other IPs can wait but sure let them continue to ignore their biggest and most wanted game.

telgou139d ago

Gotta milk them dumb consumers with lots of money to spend.

InTheZoneAC190d ago

Going a whole generation without a a new elder scrolls game...