Evil Avatar: Pure Review

Evil Avatar writes: ""Pure" comes to us from veteran racing game developer Black Rock Studio, formerly known as Climax Racing. The Brighton based developer was recently absorbed by the newly re-focused Disney Interactive Studios and this is their first title under the new name.

"Pure" focuses on ATV off-road racing with an emphasis on big tricks, big vistas and a very loose connection on reality. Throughout players will be pull of insane tricks as they fall hundreds of feet down cliffs, sand dunes and crumbling temple walls. This is all in aid of becoming the number one rider and winning the "Pure World Tour"."

The Good

* Oustanding presentation.
* Fun, fast-paced gameplay.
* Huge tricks, even bigger leaps.

The Bad

* Tricks becoming repetitive.
* Tracks having the same problem.
* Limited event types.

The Ugly

* No offline multiplayer.

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