Bayonetta 2 for Switch Sells an Estimated 186,189 Units First Week at Retail

The action adventure hack 'n' slash game from publisher Nintendo and developer Platinum Games - Bayonetta 2 - sold 186,189 units first week at retail on the Nintendo Switch, according to VGChartz estimates.

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eagle212003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

It's amazing how many games find success on Switch. I can imagine nice first week sales for Bayonetta 3. :)

gamer78042003d ago

bayo 2 &3 wold be huge on ps and xbox and look amazing

Theknightofnights2003d ago

I don't think that Bayonetta 2 and 3 would be much bigger on Xbox or Playstation unless you are factoring in install base.

Just look at how Bayonetta 1 performed on PS3 and 360.

eagle212003d ago

They are both published by Nintendo so I don't understand why you felt you needed to say that...lol.

Asuka2003d ago

They wouldn't even exist if it was up to Sony or MS so...

Moonman2003d ago Show
kevnb2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

nothing would be huge on xbox... They even had to spin pubg numbers by telling us how many players they had instead of sales. pubg is a huge game, 33 million copies sold on pc already while xbox has had 3 million players (many got the game free, others are probably multiple accounts). I know pc had a head start, but the game only came out to early access at the end of march last year.

PhantomS422003d ago

Too bad both Sony and MS turned Platinum down when they were looking for help making the game.

jukins2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

@phantom they turned it down because it ran like crap at least on ps3, which is kinda understandable given its unique system but they didnt want to fund it partly because of that

Prince_TFK2003d ago

Then Sony or MS should have funded this game if you want them to have it that much.

gamer78042003d ago

No way around that sales would be bigger if it were on Xbox and ps4 and switch. Game could also run at higher res on pro and x. win for everyone. we don't know if ms and Sony turned them down, just that Nintendo was the choice to publish

rainslacker2003d ago

The first game didn't sell amazing well on either system. It did decent enough on each system, and overall, but it wasn't something that lit up the charts, nor were that many people clamoring for a sequel. Given what both systems had going for them last gen at the time, I can see why they may have passed. It sucks for players on those systems, but Nintendo took a chance when it could have bombed, and have been doing well with the franchise. Nintendo at least did market the 2nd game well, and throwing in B1 on disc originally was pretty cool to get both games at once.

mikeslemonade2003d ago

The game should on be on PS4 and PC.

I’m glad Bayonneta ain’t selling on switch.

ABizzel12003d ago


"Just look at how Bayonetta 1 performed on PS3 and 360."

Over 1 million sold on PS3 (the worst performing version), and almost 1m sold on 360, aka the 2 best selling versions of the franchise thus far....

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Dragonscale2003d ago

186 thousand is pretty bad tbh.

eagle212003d ago

How is it bad for a port? And this probably is not including digital sales. You act as if this is a new game....

Old McGroin2003d ago

I think a lot of people, like me, bought part 1 and didn't buy part 2 until they finished the first one a week or two later. I'd expect part 2 sales increased in the weeks after.

Xx_Pistol_xX2003d ago

@eagle21 because if that was the sales on any other platform it would be a fail.

Nintentional2003d ago

Also the install base of the Switch is 15 million, 186 thousand is really good for first week sales. The game will easily do 700k to 1million, which is around how much Bayo 1 did on PS3/360

rainslacker2003d ago

It's really not for what amounts to a port. Even if it was a new game, for a niche title like that, it's pretty respectable for the first week.

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MADGameR2003d ago ShowReplies(2)
Christopher2003d ago

To be fair, it did well on WiiU, but people aren't given a discount let alone a choice to buy for much cheaper if they owned it previously. I don't like Nintendo's idea of charging full price for recent ports.

CrimsonWing692003d ago

You consider that a success!?

FallenAngel19842003d ago

This game didn’t even sell better on Switch than it did on Wii U.

You’re really stretching the term “success”

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masterfox2003d ago ShowReplies(4)
Donnie812003d ago

I'm a proud owner! Great games!

InKnight7s2003d ago ShowReplies(1)
Moonman2003d ago

Didn't this game release in February? Why is it April 9th and we are just getting the first week sales? This game has probably already hit 500K.

FallenAngel19842003d ago

Because VGC doesn’t update software sales as quickly as it does with hardware sales