Six Games With Secret Endings That Let You Complete the Game Early

Far Cry 5 is the latest game that lets you avoid most of its action by making one particular choice early on that triggers the credits to roll. Here are six more with similar secret endings.

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UnHoly_One289d ago

Forgot about the new Prey game.

It wasn't early, per se, but there was an alternate "ending" that you could do earlier than finishing it for real.

Christopher289d ago

Personally, I think the '**** it, this isn't my problem' ending is the proper ending for that game.

Fist4achin289d ago

Prey was excellent! Loved it

UnHoly_One288d ago

Same here. Spectacular game that got some hate it didn't deserve.

Pro_TactX289d ago

As far as I am concerned, the early ending in Far Cry 4 was the true ending. I wish Ubisoft had given us the option to side with Pagan Min and dismantle the Golden Path.