What Will Sony Use to Counter the Wii HD and Next Xbox

Announcements from Nintendo about the next generation Wii and whispers about the next Xbox put the next consoles launch in 2010. Sony stuck to its guns and stated the PS3 has a 10 year shelf life putting the next playstation at least a year behind the other two console makers. Sony is in third place this generation due to it underestimating the competition. What is Sony's plan to prevent history repeating itself?

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HighDefinition3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

and PS3 drops price the PS3 will "hold it down" until they WANT to release PS4.. The PS3 will become as BIG of a item as SONY wants it to be once bluray takes over DVD completly which is soon. They have more 1st party devs, who are working HARD at bringing out games. The PS3 has IMO, completly seperated it`s self from the 360 when you compare 1st party titles technical and graphical aspriations. No PS3 dev have EVER said the PS3 is "tapped" while MANY have stated that about the 360. Things have been slower than expected, but great things sometimes take time, LBP for example is one of those GREAT things, KZ2 is one of those GREAT things, so is bluray, so are HDTVs. People`s interest in all of those ITEMS are growing w/ each passing day. Remember the PS3 is STILL very young in SONYs eyes, they`ve always said that. They why I like PS they view their consoles as a LONG term investment, which for GAMERS, is great. The same can`t be said about too many other consoles.

jwatt3656d ago

Why are people talking like this generation is over or like they know when the next systems are coming out, doesn't make any sense.

FantasyStar3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

These analysts are capitalizing on the traffic hits because gamers are so worried about the next-gen when this gen barely started. You never heard this non-sense back last-gen. I want to live in the present, and that's what I'm going to do. To hell with all ya naysayers. I'm playing b3yond and jumping in!

When 2011-2012 rolls, then I'll start thinking about it. But what, we're like 3-4 years away now? Stick to reality people. You can win a gaming tournament, making gaming memories with your friends, finally achieve a 1000/1000 achievement score on a game, get laid, finish schooling, have a girlfriend, buy a new car, live on your own for the first time, and die anytime within those 3-4 years and you're worrying about the next-gen consoles already?

PimpDaddy3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Could High Definition sound any more like a Sony tool. Look I love my PS3, but damn. Blu-Ray isn't taking over any time soon, if ever. DVD isn't going anywhere. You have to invest in a new expensive HDTV, and either standalone Blu-Ray player or PS3 to even use Blu-Ray, let alone most of the Blu-Ray movies are quite a bit more expensive then thier DVD counterparts.

Then he goes on about how the PS3 is more powerful than the 360. GTFO. I will admit that Sony's 1st and 2nd party studios are getting some good performance out of the PS3, but High Defintion is on crack if he thinks that the PS3 is more powerful than the 360. They are very similar in performance. It's up to the developers to push the consoles.

The PS3 hasn't seperated itself from the 360 at all. They are competing for the same consumers. Similar graphics, similar online, similar controllers, similar digital distribution, etc...

The only console that has managed to seperate itself from the pack is the Wii.

I wish some of you guys could form your own damn opinion instead of repeating Sony's PR. Also I hope you know the 360 has only been out a year longer than the PS3, and both pretty much had their hardware designs finished at the same time. Difference is Microsoft rushed thier launch, and Sony delayed thiers.

Edit: Benjamin09, Amen bro. Fanboys suck. And High Definition is a prime example. LMAO at Blu-Ray surpassing DVD.

Benjamin093656d ago

Bluray taking over soon? Which world do you live on?? It will not become mainstream until it can beat or be the same price as DVD's. Specially with the market of today I don't see people shelling out extra dollars to buy a HD format. DVD's are king and will be for a few more years.


Why does it matter to people which place certain consoles are in for sales? I don't care as long as they are making money to keep the console alive and things are getting better for the consumers.

F'ing Fanboys just hurt the industry.

zayne3656d ago

I'm not gonna jump the gun with the next next gen consoles! I got my PS3 at launch... But the games never came until a year later (YES ever since R&C i have been ffulfilled :P) But i rather wait out the war for a year or 2 and then buy! When the consoles drop down to $199!!!

HighDefinition3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Do you honestly think DVD is going to last forever?

People thought the same of VHS when DVD came out, but they (like you) are wrong.

Why do I use CAPS?

Why don`t you worry about why your living in the PAST.

Just to let you know......"fanboy" is what people say when they have NOTHING to say. People treat the word "fanboy" as a argument ender.

jfrdricks79313656d ago

Say that the next generation didn't start until Sony says its starts? LOL.

INehalemEXI3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

@FantasyStar good point, I always wonder whats coming next though and look forward to hearing whats in R&D. Like you say though its much more gratifying to enjoy the present, and near future. This Holiday through early 09 is looking like one of the greatest time periods in history (despite a world wide recession that many fears could lead to depression).

-Tenchu 4












-The Conduit

-Clone Wars


-Onechanbara comes to US

-Yakuza 2,3


-Fallout 3

-Tekken 6 BR

-FF13, Agito , Versus


-Parasite Eve:3rd B-Day

-Monster Hunter 3


-KZ2 (how could I forget you?)

(Any 1 of these games would make my month and they are all crammed into a short period of time with the exception of Tekken 6, and FF13's those might not be seen for awhile).

The list goes on... Many good times had and coming. In this Generation. Ive already bit off more then I can chew too. My backlog is daunting already.

@zayne its easy to say that now but will you be able to resist the temptation when the time comes after being willingly assualted with trailer after trailer of next gen beauty?

player9113656d ago

DVD had lots to offer over VHS. Initially the big thing about DVD's were supposed to be the fact that you can "Skip over the first hour of commercials and previews". Plus the fact that DVD had so much more quality that could be seen on standard TV's. Plus DVD's were supposed to be "Cheaper to manufacture and thus cheaper for the Consumer".

When DVD's were introduced they were the same price as VHS counterparts. So you weren't losing money over and over again on each movie purchase.

The benefits of DVD over VHS are plentiful. Chapter Skipping, Menus, bonus content, no need to rewind, better quality sound and visuals, etc.

Blueray doesn't add that much over traditional DVD systems coupled with the fact that most people don't have the Televisions to see any advantages.

An upconverting DVD player is on the cheap. Why spend money on a blueray player when you're not really going to see any difference.

I personally think Blueray is going to go the way of the Laser Disc.

bunbun7773656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Who's the fan boy now?

From MTV splash page:

" reported that the “Iron Man” Blu-ray beat both the single- and two-disc standard editions of the title in their weekly charts, and is the top-selling Blu-ray title of 2008 thus far, while Best Buy representatives reported similar sales. Echoing Marvel Studios’ own plans for the project, one Best Buy spokesperson called the film a “tentpole title for the format.”

So why is the film selling so well on Blu-ray? Apparently, comic book fans are one of the key elements in the film’s sales success."

And it goes on to site videogamers as another segment of the market that is pushing towards Blu-ray, gamers who like comics? who woulda thunk it?

Dark Knight has some things to say about your DVD format, pimp daddy, and btw making statements like "Blu-Ray isn't taking over any time soon, if ever. DVD isn't going anywhere.", well it sounds a bit silly- the only ones that hate BR the most seem to be the ones most invested in DVD's.

What is MS going to do? How do you want your files? Do you want them bigger and badder, downloaded or put on media?

INehalemEXI3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Ps3 will do for blu ray what ps2 did for dvd. Blu ray is already penetrated this.

Comparing blu ray to a laser disc that was the size of a vinyl record.... That disc was huge its like what dinosaurs used. VHS was also cheaper then DVD for a long time.

What Sony should do is have a competitive launch price and launch no later then 6 months after the competition next round.

Benjamin093656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I'm not using Fanyboy as my argument 'ender'. I just used it there and yes fanboy's who have boners for things like this hurt the industry. You have no idea what goes on in the manufacturing business do you?

how can you compare the battle of DVD's and Bluray to DVD's to VHS. DVD to VHS was a HUGE leap. DVD to Bluray is not that big of a leap. Sure it maybe higher definition but it needs more then that and needs to be cheaper. It needs to be able to be purchasable by the people that shop wally world (wal-mart)

Do you honestly think DVD is going to last forever? No not forever but DVD is king right now and will be for a while long, not your instantly king as you think, fanboy.

People thought the same of VHS when DVD came out, but they (like you) are wrong. Wow, send me your phone number so when bluray over takes DVD sales I'll call you and if its soon, I'll apologize but if its 5 years down the road you can to me.

Why do I use CAPS? Well you never answered me...

Why don`t you worry about why your living in the PAST. Living in the past?? lol I have a bluray player, an HD player, movies for both, a ps3 and plenty of other toys. I just don't bury my head in a certain area in a company and kiss it all day long.

Just to let you know......"fanboy" is what people say when they have NOTHING to say. People treat the word "fanboy" as a argument ender. Oh please I have plenty to say but your just a stubborn mule, you'll cover your ears and scream home to mommy that somebody was mean to you.

Cenobia3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I tend to think bluray will succeed. Digital Downloads will likely take over DVD, but people will still want high quality movies that they can actually own.

Personally, I'd rather own bluray discs then HDD space that eventually deletes, or has to be deleted eventually to make space. I'll be damned if I pay x dollars every time I want to re-watch Blade Runner. And I'm definitley not buying a hard copy of Indiana Jones 4. See how it works out?

Digital Download and bluray combined will kill DVD. The price for bluray will come down when downloads start to pick up. Bluray will succeed, I don't know why people are arguing about it. Unless the next xbox comes with a massive HDD and goes all digital (which is highly unlikely if they want to sell worldwide), it's going to have a bluray drive. DVD doesn't have the legs to last another generation.

As far as I'm concerned, bluray has already taken over. I'll never buy a DVD again, because I only purchase good movies. Good movies are better in high definition.

PimpDaddy3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

My comment about Blu-Ray has absolutly nothing to do with the 360 or Microsoft. FYI I rented Ironman on Blu-Ray this past weekend. But I am not the average consumer. I own a 40" Samsung 1080P LCD HDTV. I have a PS3, 360, and a Wii. I have at least 5+ games for each.

I can appreciate the beauty of movies in HD. But I'm not some Playstation Polesmoker who sucks the teet of Sony like some of you Sony fanboys.

I'm sorry but Blu-Ray will not surpass DVD anytime soon, if ever. I stand by that. Blu-Ray has 8% if all new movie sales. That ain't sh!t. Blu-Ray has been out for over 2 years now, and has an install base of 15 million just in PS3's alone. Yet DVD is taking the lions share of movie sales. Blu-Ray is not the upgrade over DVD that DVD was over VHS. Plus you have to replace your TV and still buy a Blu-Ray player. Not to mention Blu-Ray movies are more expensive. The average consumer doesn't think it's worth it or can't afford it.

I'm just being honest. You guys can't handle the truth. Thats why you hit disagree, gang up on me, and are working on taking my bubbles. Be fanboys of Sony all you want. The rest of us living in the real world know better.

LMAO at people defending Blu-Ray.

JoySticksFTW3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

but when it does it will not be at $600.

My guess is $299 launch price. $399 tops.

This round, PS3 had brand new technology like blu ray drives and the cell processor so it had to be expensive.

If Ken Kutaragi or whatever his name is was still in charge, then you might have another expensive system. He was an inventor, innovator, and engineer first. Business savvy he was not.

Sony won't walk that path again. By PS4 launch, blu disks & drives will be significantly cheaper to manufacture and Sony will probably base the PS4 off of the PS3 Cell processor or some variant of it.

Sony knows their other misstep was putting the devs in a daunting & frustrating position of learning a whole new, wildly changed system again (which Sony has done to devs each generation with Playstation), slowing the development time of games and the number of games coming to their system. They cannot make this mistake again, especially with the new Wii and Xbox 720 with their install base waiting.

If Sony keeps the price low (or reasonable - heck I own a launch PS3. Love it, but it was expensive!), keeps the architecture familiar to devs, and keeps cranking out their popular first party games along with new IP's, then they'll be just fine

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Horny Melon3656d ago

Sony definitely miscalculated when it dismissed the 360s early launch. The 360 would not have made any of the in roads it did had the PS3 launched with it. (Yes I know it wasn't feasible)

Zerodin3656d ago

They will see what works on both consoles, copy that, call it innovation! Then use their Asian magic to fool people, and hope everyone buys it!

TheColbertinator3656d ago

Asian magic? Are you racist or something like that?

Pennywise3656d ago

Racist, ridiculous, unfunny, clueless, bias, troll.

Zerodin3656d ago

It's not racist! It's MAGIC!
If I said Caucasian magic, you'd have no problem! But you do worship the land of the rising sun, so anything remotely negative, is considered racist.

pixelsword3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

A troll I can laugh at, because I'm not tied down to any console, but a racist shall not stand in my sight, because it's punks like you that are screaming "kill him" at campaign rallies, and laughing about innocent people being waterboarded because they happen to be the wrong color.

Even "Japanese magic" (or "American magic") would've been okay because the Japanese aren't a race, just a nation; but from what you said, you're talking about people from Togo, Guam, all the way to China... and that's where you went wrong.

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LittleBigPlanet 2 :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbapapa1233656d ago

LBP2 V.S. GeOW4 and HALO6

militant073656d ago

hard to stop them spically wii, and its sell more cuse some ppls buy it for thier children as toy. and its sucsess