Valve may announce Half-Life 2 Episode 3 later this year.

Marketing director Doug Lombardi says announcement may arrive later this year, though game is still more than a year off.

Although an announcement may be impending, a release date remains farther away on the horizon. "The next time you play as Gordon will be longer than the distance between [Half-Life 2] to [Episode 1], and [Episode 1] to [Episode 2]," cryptically noted Lombardi. Half-Life 2 was released for the PC in November 2004, with Episode 1 following in June 2006 and Episode 2 debuting alongside The Orange Box in October 2007. Doing the math, that would put Episode 3's release date as far off as 2010.

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lelo3657d ago

Bring it on... I'm waiting.

kwicksandz3657d ago

I just hope they implement the portal gun like the rumours suggested last year in episode 3

rawd3657d ago

Half Life was fun, back in the 90's

SRU96003657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Half-Life was, is and always will be awesome.

Pennywise3657d ago

What is the deal... I beat this game many moons ago. Episodic content is only good if it is released in a time period that the engine wont be outdated.

3657d ago
Gish3657d ago

I never got through the 2nd episode. Not because it wasn't fun, but i got distracted by other games (plus my PC is nothing too impressive, so the experience was lacking a bit)

dabizo3657d ago

Wicked game and I loved it (on PS3) it wasn't all that bad... Team Fortress was the disaster!
Not sure I will be interested in Half-life in 2010 though, I think Valve need to speed up a bit LOL they are the slowest developers in the world :)

solar3657d ago

yes. they are the slowest. which gets aggravating. but they release quality products. which i have no problems waiting for :D cant wait for Ep.3

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