ZTGD Review: Dead Space

ZTGD writes: "Terror is an emotion not often associated with video games. While there have been games in the past that invoke fear, very rarely does an interactive experience truly chill you to the core of your being. Dead Space is a brand new IP from EA that takes players on a rollercoaster ride of horror that is nearly impossible to put down. Sure it may borrow heavily from many places such as Event Horizon, Resident Evil and even the critically-acclaimed BioShock, but it meshes everything together so well that it becomes an experience that is easily game of the year material. If you only take a chance on one unknown game this holiday season, Dead Space is easily my most recommended."

+ Incredible atmosphere
+ Genuinely terrifying
+ Excellent story
+ Unparalleled immersion
+ Top-notch presentation

- Minor load time issues
- Perspective takes a bit to get used to

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Nineball21123681d ago

Dead Space just keeps racking up the great reviews...

Definitely getting this game.

DARKKNIGHT3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Ive been switching back and forth between this and lbP since i got home with both.

I must admit EA did an amazing job with this title.
It pushes to 1080p, and i must say this is a great fix for those waiting for RESIDENT EVIL 5. Honestly, i can see Dead spacE giving re5 a run or its money..... U HEARD IT!!mark my words.

LBP is out o this world. ITS LITERALLY ON ANOTHER PLANET!! Its a blast, and due to the user created content i can see this game getting alot of play for years to come

Ea has been doing something right, and i can already see a dead space 2 in the works.....Lets hope they bless Need for speeD with this kinda love, i would scoop it right up if created right.

Today, I am EXTREMELY happy with BOTH: MEDIA MOLECULE & EA. definitely worth the trip to the store;)

I suggest you guys go buy now.

meepmoopmeep3681d ago

can't wait to get this game.

No FanS Land3681d ago


I bought it hours ago and I totally flipped! small passageways, dark like hell. this game is crazy.

theusedfake3681d ago

I just picked this up before work,
now I have to wait another 7 hours
to play it :(


youre IN FOR A HELL OF A RIDE...............

PimpHandStrong3681d ago

im about 2 hours in

this is the best game this year!

I didnt have any load issues! Fukn awesome

EA has just won me over! They are a great game maker again

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