What does WoW's Patch 3.0.2 mean for the casual player?

For many Massively readers, playing multiple MMOs is a way of life. With so many exciting and new games to choose from lately, it's really difficult to stick with just one. Chances are you've at least played World of Warcraft, although it may not be your primary game. With the introduction of the newest patch yesterday, a more 'casual' player may be a bit overwhelmed at the enormous scope of changes included in Patch 3.0.2.

That's where our sister site WoW Insider has saved the day with their latest WoW, Casually column. In it, we get a brief description of the latest changes in Patch 3.0.2, including the removal of pets and mounts from your inventory space, the new Achievements system, the introduction of the Inscription craft and much more. Check out the complete article, and more on WoW Insider's complete coverage of this newest patch entitled Echoes of Doom.

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