Soulcalibur VI Producer Says The Witcher Is The Best Game Featuring Middle-Age Style World

Soulcalibur VI Producer Motohiro Okubo said that The Witcher is the best game featuring a 'Middle Age-style' world. Meanwhile, CD Projekt RED revealed how the collaboration to add Geralt to the fighting game's roster came to be and what they had to do to make it work.

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KionicWarlord222192d ago

I agree with this statement.

The quality of witcher 3 is god tier.

I-Hate-usernames192d ago

Agreed. If they just made the combat a little bit better it will be a perfect game IMO.

192d ago
Vegamyster192d ago

While not perfect it's one of the few open world games that feels lived in with a great story & dense with entertaining side quests, i hope they show Cyberpunk 2077 at E3.

Michiel1989192d ago

Don't get your hopes up of it releasing soon, they said it wont release on this console gen anymore due to the consoles being underpowered.
I would also love to get some actual details or gameplay though, but let them take their time so they can make it as great as their previous titles.

192d ago
OoglyBoogly192d ago

Eh, Kingdom Come does it better. Down vote away!

Uglyday192d ago

KCD was about realism not some dime a dozen fantasy monster slaying game. They knew they couldn’t compete with KCD in the real middle age so they air quoted middle age “style”.

Love both games but it was a treat playing something different for once.

neon95192d ago

Hands down to CD Projekt Red for creating one of the best rpgs this world will ever see!!!

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