Q&ERA: Insomniac Games discusses Resistance, Ratchet and Clank, Sunset Overdrive, Spyro and more

Emily writes: "Introducing our guests: Insomniac Games, the developer behind Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, and Sunset Overdrive.

Community Director - James Stevenson
CEO / Founder - Ted Price
Chief People Officer - Carrie Dieterle
Chief Technology Officer - Shaun McCabe
Lead Character Artist - Gavin Goulden
Creative Director (Resistance 3) - Marcus Smith"


Admin note: updated to the proper source and old source had some written inaccuracies and a title the inferred things that the interview questions didn't even bring up.

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jokerisalive252d ago

doesnt sound like there gonna do any of the stuff mentioned in the title of the article.......

Deep-throat252d ago

Gamingbolt lives by clickbaiting.

Anyways, I want Sunset Overdrive on my PC. Now!

mikeslemonade252d ago

We don’t need a resistance collection.

Sunset Overdrive ain’t that special.

Sunset Overdrive 2 we don’t need that.

Jinger252d ago (Edited 252d ago )


Dang dude, who pissed in your lemonade?

Sunset Overdrive was great and I'd love a sequel. Also the Resistance games were fun and a remastered collection would be great.

DARK_WOLF252d ago

Im not a fan of sunset od but alotta people like it.

I DO want a resistance hd collection!!!!!

letsa_go252d ago

Me too, they need to make it play anywhere so I can play my already owned copy on windows 10.

Malacath252d ago (Edited 252d ago )


Sunset Overdrive's a great game. Would love a sequel

And resistance was a great series too. Was the first game I ever bought on my ps3 and it pissed off when Sony shut the servers down.

darthv72252d ago

I wouldnt mind a nice Resistance collection that included the portable games remastered for console (like GoW did). Sunset OD 2.... hells yeah that would be awesome. The 1st is mad fun.

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Null1980252d ago

The article incorrectly states that Sunset Overdrive is an "Xbox exclusive property". No it's not. It was an XBox exclusive title. Insomniac retained the rights to the property, that's why they had gone XBox One in the first place. They wanted to retain ownership to the property. They can release any future sequels on whatever platform they would like.

Godmars290252d ago

And yet the IP is in the position that Sony wont support development of a sequel, while if MS does it very likely it wont be fully multiplatform.

jagermaster619252d ago

You are exactly right, at the time Sony wanted to have full closure of the project but insomniac wanted it to remain their IP and have their freedom. Sony wasn't down for that so Microsoft stepped in and went with it. It didn't sell well but it was an amazing game (at least in my eyes) hopefully they make a second on both platforms to show everyone they are the sh!t and care.

nitus10252d ago

If Insomniac retained the rights to Sunset Overdrive then why did they not bring it out for the PS4 as well?

I will concede that Microsoft could own the title name although Insomniac could have brought the game out for the PS4 under a different name which could be confusing. Still, if you look at the gameplay of Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet and Clank there are a lot of similarities and it would be these similarities that I think Insomniac would want to keep as their Intellectual property.

Minute Man 721252d ago

@ jagermaster
One of the 1st games I bought when I first picked up an X1. Too bad it didn't sell well on the system, it's a hidden gem as people say

thisismyaccount252d ago

.. and all the "we wanna keep the ip to ourselves" did not help them at all. They can´t re-release it on any other platform as Microsoft funded/published it on their system, so that desire to keep the ip did more harm to them than any good.

In other words, they have wasted their ip and it´s potential by going with Microsoft (since the game kinda flopped). Early 2012 or 2013 some folks claimed Microsoft were going to crap on Sony this gen, since they had heared Ms had $1bn or more for new ips.

Ted Price went MS because he either believed Sony´s Days were counted/done and he go the money from MS the studio owns the IP, BUT neither MS or Sony are willing to fund a sequel (Microsoft might, if they can recoup some of the initial investement back).

In other words part 2 :

IF you wanna go exclusive and IF you want Microsoft or Sony or Nintendo to FUND your project, the least you could do as a developer is to give them said RIGHTS to the IP.

Sunset Overdrive is the perfect example on why NOT to retain an IP if said IP flops. Again, Sony aint going to fund it a sequel, even if the sequel incl. a 60min Bonus Video about the 1st game´s story and what not. And if Microsoft does not care anymore, Ted Price and his team have miscalcualted and lost all future potential of said IP.

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yellowgerbil252d ago

I doubt we'll ever see a proper sequel to either of those franchises, I think Spiderman will be a trilogy at least and they will be busy with it for years like Rocksteady was with the Arkham games.
I do think we will eventually see a remaster of the Resistance games as a trilogy much like the Nathan drake collection or the GoW collection but by this point if it hasn't been done yet I don't think it is coming anytime soon. I'd say maybe in 2 years as one of the last ps4 major exclusives because it wouldn't take the resources a ground up game would take so Sony can get a hot property without taking a team off of working on a big ps5 project (every team going forward WILL be making ps5 games, the only ps4 games still to come have already been in development at least since beginning of this year)

ILostMyMind252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

The next games will come to both so, it is not a problem.

yellowgerbil252d ago

What next games? Are you implying Spiderman will go multiplat? Not hAppening

ILostMyMind252d ago

My reply to you was about the consoles you talked to.

Dragonscale252d ago

@bearded, he means that the games that yellow mentioned will be available on both PS4 and PS5. Nothing to do with sso lol.

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Nodoze252d ago

I would LOVE to see a remastered version of all 3 Resistance games. Cannot believe we have not seen this already to be honest. It was a great series.

cellfluid252d ago

Where's the rise of man resistance 4 now that would be great..

Tru_Blu252d ago

That's the PS5's killer launch app, in VR! Well it would be a cool game to start out with...

KingofGambling252d ago

That's what I say for the next Resistance game, Resistance 4 Rise of Men. A reference to the very first Resistance.

Boog_89252d ago

I would love to replay the Resistance 2 multiplayer on PS4

MarineLineman252d ago

Resistance 3 was straight garbage. The story made no sense, it didn’t have the have the amazing R2 co-op, and the insanely fun, massive, and chaotic MP from R1 & 2 was ditched in favor of some micro map CoD-wannabe BS. R2 has the best MP by far, and the only thing really missing from it was the weapon wheel.

SpringHeeledJack252d ago

I don't even consider R3 a sequel, more of a side story.

Highlife252d ago

Wrong best multiplayer was the first best single player was the third.
2 was a mess only thing fun was coop

Dirtnapstor252d ago

Resistance redux would be awesome. What if this was the new project Bluepoint was working on!?

LucasRuinedChildhood252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

That would be awesome and a lot more interesting to me than a Demon Souls remaster (no offense but it's pretty easy to get your souls fix these days - I mean there's a Dark Souls remaster coming too) which is the most common guess.

The only thing is that all of the Resistance games actually feel quite different to one another. Very roughly speaking, 1 controls more like classic Halo (e.g. button layout), 2 saw some modernization and 3 pretty much has the exact same layout and responsive controls as a game like COD or Battlefield. 3 feels perfect so I think that 1 and 2 would need some work. For example, 1 would need proper ADS.

I was really disappointed when they shut down the multiplayer severs for these games. R3 MP was really fun and R2 co-op was insane. I would love if we all got all that back! It would probably be like the Nathan Drake Collection and cut out the MP though.

letsa_go252d ago

I agree, I would like to play the resistance games, since ps4 is my first playstation console, and I missed out on all those games last gen.

jwillj2k4252d ago

get psnow, it may get a lot of hate but its the easiest way to play ps3 games without going retro. Very stable too.

letsa_go251d ago

@jwillj2k4 I thought about it...but 720p :(