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A big lover of the original game, David brings you his Ni no Kuni 2 Review which sadly for him focuses on how utterly disappointing this game's story, characters and execution are as a whole. The game brings some interesting changes but, ultimately it leaves him disappointed.

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naruga434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

i kind agree with the first i was very impressed with the damn game (reminding me abit of 16 bit era games) ...but continuing into the game, the variety of enemies drops annoyingly and the battle system stays simple as Fk as it was at the start...combining all these with almost insulting handholding story/gameplay proggression , the game feels like a gold --potatoe ....i wonder why the developers having all that time at their disposal and the indeed very talented art teams made such a substance-less game

porkChop434d ago

That's a shame, I really loved the first game.

Hardiman434d ago

You'll love this one too! It's great and most other reviews were positive!

bluefox755434d ago

It's great, and most people agree. Obviously you can't please everyone though.

CaptainOmega434d ago

Porkchop... you should play #2. You might like it.

mikeslemonade434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

The first one overrated as well. Action RPGs we still crap with some exceptions like Dark Cloud.

If you gonna make an action rpg don’t flash into battle and flash out of battle.

babadivad434d ago

Me too. I was excited for this game. I may still pick it up anyway tho.

bouzebbal434d ago

the first one was so boring.
i am a big JRPG fan but it had so basic mechanics, especially combat and an extremely annoying melody over and over every single time (i can still not get it out of my head).
i haven't played the second one, but i can already see from the videos that they improved on the combat design.
the story cannot be as lame as the first one's, so i am pretty optimistic for this one.

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LoveSpuds434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

Different people like different games to different degrees I guess.

Having played it for around 20 hours I am feeling very burnt out. Like you, I find the combat extremely monotonous, the game quite repetitive and the characters very simplistic. I have tried to persevere as the production values are fabulous, it looks and sounds fantastic and I also worry I am missing something due to its generally positive reviews.

I guess it's just not for me but that doesn't make it a bad game by any stretch, if any of my fellow gamers enjoy it personally then I am a little envious as I really wish I liked it more.

Also, as a Welshman, I have to say that the voice acting for Lofty is terrible compared to Drippy. While Drippy sounded quite authentic, Lofty sounds like someone doing a poor impression.

moegooner88434d ago

Wholeheartedly agreed. Can’t believe how souless it is compared to the original.

Prince_TFK434d ago

For me it is the lack of voice acting that makes the game so monotonous to play.

The Wood434d ago

So far I think the first one is better. Maybe this one will come into it's own further in.

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CrimsonWing69434d ago

I do agree. I’ve been trying to get into it but it doesn’t have the same magic as the first. The first one I consider a masterpiece... that might be why this one is letting me down.

xPhearR3dx434d ago

I'm in the same boat, it's not bad by all means. But I think the first one was just so good, that my expectations were very high for this game. I also completely avoided all info on the game aside from the reveal, so I wouldn't get even higher expectations. Almost everything has been improved, but I guess it's just missing the charm the original had. I couldn't put the first one down, part 2 has me easily switching between games. I think I'm only on like Chapter 6 or 7, so maybe it picks up later.

dirkdady433d ago

Xpear if your on chapter 6 you must have gotten into the kingdom building and battlefield skirmishes didn't u find these change ups interesting? It certinaly has keep my interest level high giving me a change of pace when the same old encounters start getting repetitive.

xPhearR3dx433d ago

The skirmish was extremely cool the first few times, then the novelty wore off for me. The Kingdom building aspect I do like, but there's progression barriers in place to keep people like me from spending all my time building. Which leads to side quest and other things required to recruit more people, before I can progress. Not to mention the majority are just fetch quest that also happen to be very dull and shallow.

The Witcher 3 has tons of fetch quest. But the feel important, the characters draw you in and make that stupid basic quest more fun than it should. So far NK2 isn't doing that. Goes back to the "charm" of the first game. This one isn't bad, it's great. It's also extremely fun, but I can easily put it down and come back to it. I'm not always on edge waiting for what's next like I was with the original.

moegooner88434d ago

Same here. One of the most disappointing sequels I have ever played. The original was one of my all time fav games. Why do publishers insisit on westernising their JRPGs ? This is getting tiring.

Hardiman434d ago

Disagree completely and it would appear others do as well! I loved the darker elements!

phoenixwing434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

My favorite site for reviews gave it a 10 (dualshockers). I've been playing it and enjoying it myself. I don't really think it's two steps back. The gameplay mechanics have been changed for the better and I like the story being more dark/grown up.

CP_Company434d ago

The game is better in almost all areas. It is hard to understand what reviewer smoking.
Game holds just one negativity that the game does not have difficulty settings that is why story is a little bit into easier side, however, you can challenge yourself by fighting tanted monsters.

Darkwatchman434d ago

You shouldn’t have to actively seek out a specific and finite enemy type just to get a challenge. I like the game a lot, but its lack of difficulty really is the biggest issue with it.

CP_Company434d ago

in the same time, in Bloodborne simple enemies are easy for me too, i seek bosses for challenge and even some bosses are easy for me too, the same as here, the game is not just parts, is a whole experience and whole experience is really good, this game is step up from the first game. just need those difficulty settings for more challenge whos want more. some players enjoying the game how it is.

phoenixwing434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

Honestly, i agree difficulty settings would have been nice but i'm not going to lose any sleep over it. It's still enjoyable and if i'm being really honest, i play jrpg's for fun gameplay and great stories. Difficulty is way down there in terms of what i find to be a criteria for a games (jrpg at least) greatness. Edit: Also the first game was really easy as well. Sure there was grinding but i mean once you get certain monsters the game is a cakewalk.

Also for everyone saying there's no challenge you could just use the most basic (weak) gear and fight with that. But i get the complaint, it's just a suggestion of what you could do to get a greater difficulty.

Teflon02434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

The main game stuff is easy yes. But you could make it harder by using the tweaked and just turning down experience. Then you'll likely be under leveled. Things become much harder that way as level really means alot in it. I saw a Namco stream of it and they played the Octo boss in the cave or whatever and they struggled because they were alot of levels under maybe close to 10. Don't know if it'll make it that much of a difference but I know I did alot of side stuff and fought every enemy in my path and always was about the games suggested lvl so it should make a difference

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finite434d ago

Only issue I have is lack of Voice acting other than that I rather enjoying the game

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