NISA - deal with Nintendo for SNK Heroines, Switch outselling PS4 versions, Disgaea 5 near 200k

NIS America talks about a deal made for SNK Heroines, Switch outselling their PS4 versions, Disgaea 5 Complete sales, and Sony not being "friendly with small publishers".

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Gemmol192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

Before anyone complain about Nintendo making a deal to be the only one who do physical games from NISA in America, remember Sony have deals like this all the time, Monster hunter world, Shining Force Refrain and I cant remember the rest, but these 2 games they the only physical game you can buy in Japan, you cannot buy monster hunter for xbox, and this why you did not see Shining Force show up on Mediacreate this week for Nintendo Switch. because the developers are Only releasing to people in America and Europe who have a Switch, so only us can buy Shining Force.

I forgot Sony did this with Dragon Quest also, so that is 3 games, this why no Nintendo 3ds version in America and Europe and why no PC version for a steam version in Japan for Dragon Quest.

This is why SNK 40 year collection is an exclusive.

I feel like Nintendo should not use Sony style that is their own style to combat other systems. If they had continue doing what they already do, I think those developers would break their deal with Sony, just like NISA did to work with Nintendo and release games at equal timing with everyone else. Now everyone have to prepare for a future where your favorite game either delay for a while until you get it for your favorite system, or you have to import from another country in order to get the physical copy.

The only reason I think Nintendo doing this now, because of the big money they getting, fire emblem mobile in less than 12 months in 2017 made close to 300 million, then you have animal crossing mobile who made like 2 million in one or two days, then you have Switch selling at a profit. The money is piling up and up, Nintendo doing more commercial than any time before, so with all these funds from different things coming in, they move to Sony phase in making deals with companies.

This company wont be the last company to break a deal with Sony to move to Nintendo.

Namco look like they on bored already, they keep talking how good sales are, and how Dragonball Xenoverse outsell ps4 version in Japan even though it came out a year later

I think Sega will be next once they see how much they can sell when they actually start trying to sell new games and not old

Gameseeker_Frampt192d ago

Could you provide some links to back up your claims about these publishing deals because I googled them and found nothing? Thanks.

Gemmol192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

use common sense

Shining Force Refrain comes out for PS4, Xbox, and Switch, but only ps4 version went on sell in japan last week, which makes it Japan exclsuive, no switch release date, no xbox release date, while america or europe get the ps4, xbox and switch version day 1

Monster Hunter I need to say more or you really did not do research, it only came to other systems in America and Europe, with PC coming soon.......but no PC for Japan, and no Xbox for Japan

from the article "In Japan, Monster Hunter: World is a PlayStation 4-exclusive title"

everything else is easy look up, and put together, if one system gets physical and digital, while other system gets digital or get the game at a late time, its common sense a deal was in place

sad you cannot figure it out, if you confuse, go on Resetera they have full discussions on these things

respond to my original post so i can get notification

I forgot to edit, I meant to put Capcom in my original post, not Sega

I also want to say if you truly do not understand how deals are made then I cannot do nothing for you, I respect your thoughts that you see nothing because not many publishers are brave to speak out like NISA, but the common sense parts are right there in the open with all these exclusives, even crash can choose to ignore them if you want, its your choice

Gameseeker_Frampt192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

So you actually cannot prove anything you just posted but instead are just making assumptions. That is unfortunate, but not surprising.

Gameseeker_Frampt192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

Clearly you didn't read this. "When we started talking about Dragon Quest XI in the west, we wanted to really give the series a fresh start with western audiences" Okamoto told us. "We were able to make a lot of improvements and changes for the localization. Because of that, we felt like the best approach was to present the PlayStation 4 and Steam version of the game as the main one."

Sony didn't pay them to keep it off of the 3DS in the West, but that isn't going to change your version of reality is it.

As for Shining Force Refrain, that is a remaster of the PS3-only game that released in 2014. Right now, it is only available on the PS4 in Japan but you can get it on anything you want when it comes to the west. This is more likely a leftover from the original PS3 deal and not some nefarious plot by Sony to keep it off of the Switch like you claim.

Monster Hunter World...really?! You think Sony paid Capcom to keep MH World off of XBox in Japan where it is sells maybe 200 consoles a week. It doesn't even occur to you that maybe Capcom didn't want to spend the money to publish and distribute a game on a platform that performs very poorly in a region? What about Monster Hunter XX - is Sony paying Capcom to keep them from localizing it for the Switch in the west? Or maybe Capcom just makes odd decisions based on their own situation and not because someone is paying them. After all, they are pretty up front when they do make publishing deals like with Dead Rising 3 and Street Fighter 5.

I do want to ask you, since you seem to have the inside knowledge on these publishing deals, how much did Nintendo pay Capcom to keep Monster Hunter off of the Vita? Also, how much did Nintendo pay Capcom to keep MH4 off of the Wii U since they needed a game to sell the New 3DS (and MH4 is the only game to make use of its new features even after all these years)?

Gemmol192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

You say they pretty upfront about their deals but your response is assuming also well maybe dragon quest 11 part not, but no one knew until today Sony had a deal for this SNK game here to be an exclusive

NISA speaking out is how we found out about it, so everything that you wrote can be assuming also because if they have a deal in place the developers would say what the deal in place tell them to say........if SNK heroine was still a ps4 exclusive and NISA president did not say anything, i bet you would of assume its because Sony is the best system and they wanted to be on the best system right ???? And switch owners just port beggers because they want games that developers choose to make only for Sony

I'm fine either way I'm on Team SwitchPS4

From my original post "Now everyone have to prepare for a future where your favorite game either delay for a while until you get it for your favorite system, or you have to import from another country in order to get the physical copy."

Gameseeker_Frampt192d ago

Again, your bias is causing you to see words that are not even there. Nowhere in the article does it say anything about the deal between SNK and Sony was for an exclusive. The term "exclusive" was brought up specifically when Nintendo entered the picture. - "Hey Mr. Yamashita, is it possible to cancel our contact on PS4? Nintendo wants to work on this title on an exclusive basis!"

We have no way to know what kind of deal existed before. It could of been like most of the deals that Sony has with game studios and publishers. Sony has a deal with Ubisoft for Far Cry 5 but that deal doesn't mean that it is exclusive - just one centered around advertising. The same thing with Assassin's Creed Origins and XBox.

Would you say that Nintendo has a deal in place with Level 5 to keep Professor Layton off of competing consoles since it only came to Nintendo? Or is it just that Level 5 is a small developer who prefers to just focus on a single platform due to budget constraints and chooses the platform that makes the most sense to them?

Chevalier192d ago (Edited 192d ago )


Common sense? Like how it would lose money for Capcom to even print the lowest print runs for Xbox in Japan? Even Warner Bros didn't even release games for Xbox in Japan and they have their own distribution channels and publishing facilities. Warner Bros canceled their release of Batman Arkham Knight which was fully dubbed in Japanese in Japan at the same time Ubisoft cancelled their release of The Crew in Japan. Thats 2 huge publishers pulling major releases on Xbox One in Japan! If two huge companies even pulled releases then how the heck would a small publisher manage when they don't even have their own distribution or publishing facilities?!

The majority of the exclusivity for PS4 is for this very reason. Xbox does NOT have the volume to even make small print runs even worth it for companies as big as Warner Bros. or Ubisoft.


Look at how bad Psycho Pass did in Japan on Xbox one it launched at number 12 and ONLY sold 4,593 units in ALL of Japan. The previous games were Xbox 360 exclusive and did relatively well. Then the Xbox One version which was ONLY on Xbox One as an exclusive completely bombed to the point Mages quit Xbox exclusivity and has now started porting ALL their Xbox exclusives to Vita and PS4.

Want more proof?! NIS America localised the Psycho Pass game on PS4 and Vita only and didn't even release a digital only or small print run on Xbox One even though the initial game was XBox One exclusive! No Xbox version in the U.S. from NIS America.

Here's a quote from the article.

" In order to make up for the poor Japanese sales of the former Xbox One exclusive Chaos;Child 5pb. opted to release the game on PlayStation platforms. Looks like with Psycho-Pass, that was heavily co-marketed with Microsoft, they’re choosing a different route, tackling a much larger market, at least for now."

So yeah these small publishers only survive by either releasing to ONLY the market that will get sales or ALL platforms if they can afford it. They don't release on Xbox because they simply lose money doing that.

Gemmol191d ago

These are some good links i respect your post, i didn't even know about the Xbox game but then again i only have switch and ps4 so i hardly be in Xbox news section

Chevalier191d ago


SNK Heroines enters on the Switch which is starved for fighting games. Go ahead name me a major release of a 2D fighting game in the last year? They released the 3D arena mash up game ARMS maybe is all. You know why you're having trouble naming one? Because their were ZERO. Unless you count re releases of KOF, AoF and WH

You know how crowded PS4 is for fighting games?!

The last year and a half alone PS4 has had these fighting games show up:

Guilty Gear Revelator 2
Tekken 7
SFV Arcade Edition
Injustice 2
Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite
Marvel Versus Capcom 3 Ultimate rerelease
King or Fighters XIV
PSN releases of King Of Fighters 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 2000, 98 Dream Match, KOF 97 Global Match
Garou Mark of the Wolf
Art of Fighting Anthology
The Last Blade 2
World Heroes 1 and 2 Jet
Fatal Fury Battle Archives and Real Bout
Samurai Showdown I and VI
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late PS4
Dragon Ball Fighterz

Then lets see which ones are coming and have major updates for the start of 2018 (new character updates) alone

New Soul Calibur 6
Street Fighter Anthology
Naruto Shinobi Strikers
SFV Arcade Edition
SF Anthology
Dragon Ball Fighterz
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]
Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia
Blazblue Crosstag Battle
Fighting EX Layer
My Hero Academia
Firepro Wrestling World
Blade Stranger
Fantasy Strike
SNK Heroines
Then add in major character releases for DBZ Fighterz, DBZ Xenoverse 2, KOF XIV, Injustice 2 etc.

Notice almost all those 2018 games are NOT on the Switch. Its pretty crowded by much bigger fighting games on PS4 so releasing in between all that isn't a good strategy.

Knushwood Butt191d ago

From the article
'A lot of PS4 titles are coming up, so the market is very competitive. '


Segata191d ago

USFII came out in 2017.
Not arguing anything just adding.
Also Blazeblue Crosstag
My Hero Adamedia
Blade Strangers are coming to Switch

Gemmol191d ago

Switch have mostly everything from the first list you wrote, they all came same day for switch and ps4, except guilty gear, Tekken, injustice, street fighter , mVc3 and king of forget they both have xenoverse2, SNK heroines, my hero academy, Naruto shinobi strikers, and whatever else, i cant go thru the full list

I am not saying you wrong, it is common sense if a system is out for more time it would have more games, but now that you show me this list and i seen these names pop up for Switch, it makes me realize its not too far behind despite just coming out a year ago, lot of porting in a year

I agree ps4 is crowded but not for these games, it js more crowded when you put those games to sell around the big sellers, like spiderman, call of duty, Detroit and etc

DJK1NG_Gaming191d ago

Street Fighter 30th
Naruto Shinobi Strikers
Blazblue Crosstag Battle
My Hero Academia
Blade Stranger
Fantasy Strike
SNK Heroines

These games are on Switch

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Chevalier191d ago

@DJK1NG_Gaming and Segata

I know they are on the Switch. My point was if there are 7 or 8 on Switch versus 16 on PS4, 20 if you include older games still receiving updates this year. That's a huge disparity either way you put it.

Gemmol190d ago

It's not that big, i didn't even fully check the second list but switch have half or a little over half of your first list, all those king of fighters came same day as switch......

Okay just check second list, the gap bigger on second list

But you should know all updates xenoverse gets goes to all systems, same as every other game that switch and ps4 get...........its not Wii U or Wii, things are same day now

Chevalier190d ago

Bottom line NIS America has a better chance getting some more sales from the deal with Nintendo. PSN allows for sales for the game as well without directly competing with that huge list of fighting games on PS4. Now that its not being released on disc on PS4 means I might just wait for a sale to get it. I pretty much buy all the fighting games so its not like I won't have games to preoccupy me till then. Although I keep buying all the King of Fighters. Lol. Bought the collection on PS2, PSP, bought it on the Vita, started buying them again on the Switch and PS4 recently too. Can't wait for Smash Bros on the Switch and Soul Calibur 6 on PS4, Brolly shows up in DBZ Fighterz too. The PS4 and Switch are just spoiling me with so many fighting games! Can't wait. Now if only Capcom would just rerelease Powerstone, SNK vs Capcom 2, Darkstalkers and Rival Schools......

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CocoaBrother192d ago

“We’re starting to do more on Nintendo Switch. SNK Heroines is not the only one. They support us in a good way. Compared to that, Sony is not friendly with small publishers like us. They just care about big Japanese companies."

Curious what else they got planned. Been enjoying Disgaea 5 a lot. Interesting little bit about how unfriendly Sony is to small publishers. Wonder if other small Japanese companies feel that way.

Aura7541191d ago

My assumption is that the 'unfriendliness' means not giving the smaller games some marketing to help them get more exposure than they would've otherwise received. I was a little pissed when Sony hardly marketed Gravity Rush 2 at all (in the west, that is) and that is a 1st party title.

Gemmol190d ago

Yeah that was a great game for playstation, i felt they should of did the same too

Servbot41192d ago

After they lied about and ruined the Rhapsody DS port I'll never buy another NISA product again.

Segata192d ago

Wow, they called Sony out! NIS games doing really well on Switch and SNK seems to do well on Nintendo is really cool. NIS lifeblood is games more suitable for portable systems and with VITA pretty much dead Switch filled in that gap.

monkeyshawn60192d ago ShowReplies(2)
Rangerman1208192d ago

This makes me wonder on why Witch and the Hundred Knights 2 is not one the switch yet?

Segata192d ago

Probably in development before Switch was released.

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