This violent videogame has made more money than any movie ever

“Grand Theft Auto V” has been criticized for depicting torture, deploying heavily sexual scenes, using racially offensive terms and a misogynistic portrayal of women. It is also the most financially successful media title of all time.

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Dlaw76192d ago

Well deserved now either give u give us a 1X update or show us a teaser trailer for GTA VI *ROCKSTAR

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I wonder why you got so many downvotes... gee I have no idea /s


Because you mentioned the 1X that’s all it takes around here.

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fr0sty191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

The fact that it can earn that much money with that few sales compared to other forms of entertainment media that have far more sales but far less profits, is a testament to the fact that even AAA video games still have huge profit margins, and things like microtransactions being "necessary to fund development" is a bunch of BS. They're out there swimming in cash as we cough up $60 per game plus DLC for buggy games that have sections withheld from them so they can sell them to us later.

shloobmm3191d ago

A large part of it's revenue/profits are shark cards. Soooooooo yeah........common sense......use it.

ChristopherJack191d ago

A large sum of that, if not the majority, comes from microtransactions.

That said, the base game is a masterpiece & I'd better tolerate the microtransactions if they'd actually put that money back into server upgrades.

Too many MP bugs & worst, modders to justify these kind of profits. Not a fan of their approach. I enjoyed much of the content & mode updates but most of it came off as too little, too late while simultaneously neglecting their servers.

tristansprofile191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

Rockstar-games milked Gta 5 a 7th generation game from last gen with microtransactions for 5 yrs instead of giving us new games a gta 6, agent, red dead redemption 2, Billy 2, midnight club 5 in the current gen the 8th generation.

Rockstar games is fucking greedy!!!

Skankinruby191d ago

However right you may be doesn't change the fact that gamers only have themselves to blame. People won't stop buying this game. Rockstar knows they could release it again in vr, then again next gen and people will still gladly keep paying full price for it and it will probably outsell every game next gen as well. This game has become a virus in the gaming community and we probably won't see GTA 6 for a very long time because of it, if ever.

Vrabstin191d ago

I will gladly support a game this fleshed out, even with bugs. Except dlc but hey, to each his own. Slap on vr with some upgrades for a new generation sounds like a great idea to keep the product modern. Better this than COD 15 and Assassin's Creed 27.

MarineLineman191d ago

Extremely unlikely. It’s going to be a long time before any film tops Avatar’s box office, if ever. IW won’t even come close.

NecrumOddBoy191d ago

Is Avatar still number 1? The movie isn't even that good

MarineLineman191d ago

Yup, it’s still the highest grossing film of all time at $2.7 billion. Titanic is still #2, I’m pretty sure. Not even Star Wars TFA could pass it.

NarooN191d ago

IW is gonna make a shitload of money, but it won't top this.

sampsonon191d ago

if they charged $60 for a ticket is would destroy it. funny article

EazyC191d ago

No it wouldn't, who would pay that for a ticket?

sampsonon191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

@EazyC: that wasn't the point. the point is that buying a game for $60 and comparing it to a movie purchase which is 10 - $15, depending on were you live, is stupid because if both sold 1 million of course the game would make more money in sales because it's being sold for 6x the price of a movie purchase, but if both were sold for $60 then they would would generate almost the same amount of money.


TrueMetal191d ago

And the crazy thing is that it doesn't have anywhere near as many ports as a game like Skyrim. GTA5 would sell like crazy on Switch and would sell a decent amount of copies if they ported it to VR for PS, Vive, Rift etc

kevnb191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

skyrim is only on one more platform than gta v, gta v never made it to switch but is on all the other platforms skyrim is on.

kevnb191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

is that really a platform? I look at it more as an accessory that some games support (and some require).

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