Could God of War be PlayStation's Game of the Generation?

Could God of War be PlayStations game of the generation?

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Hardiman192d ago

It definitely looks to be a contender!

Septic191d ago

I say Death Stranding could be the one. Then TLOU2

thekhurg191d ago

Or Horizon.
Or God of War.
Or Days Gone.
Or Spiderman.
Or Uncharted 4.
Or Bloodborne.
Or Yakuza.

bouzebbal191d ago

So none of the games already out is a contender?

Septic191d ago

^^ I didnt say that? A lot of them are. I just picked my top two?

Thunder_G0d_Bane191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

Really death stranding? A game that’s so early in dev there’s nothing to it at all. There’s no gameplay nothing lool I think you need to get off that Sony fanboy juice.

If anything it’s a safe bet that last of us 2 is gonna be the best Sony exclusive this gen.

Knowing Kojima, death stranding won’t be out until next gen.

RememberThe357191d ago

Did this dude just call Septic a Sony fanboy?
OT: I'm playing Frozen Wilds, Bloodborne, and Nioh right now, GoW is gonna have to bring some heat to top these games. That being said, GoW seems to have everything I'm looking for in a game so I don't think my expectations could be any higher.

Nyxus191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

@ Thundergod: Death Stranding has been in a playable state since at least last year: http://www.metalgearinforme...

It just hasn't been shown to the public yet. This E3 is a good bet for gameplay reveal.

'Knowing Kojima' Yeah right.

mikeslemonade190d ago

My game of the generation is already locked on Bloodborne. The competition is who will ultimately be #2.

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LoveSpuds191d ago

It looks stellar, I cannot wait to find out. For me, the idea that it could be as high quality a title as the likes of Bloodborne, TLoU, Horizon, Gravity Rush 2, Nier, Persona 5 is very exciting indeed.

ziggurcat192d ago

Could be, but there's also TLoU 2 coming...

Ceaser9857361191d ago

That's the beauty of Playstation games.. If one sets the bar another one tries to topple that and so on.. I would love see the same thing to happen with GOW followed by Detroit , Spiderman Days Gone LOU2 GOT DS...

affrogamer191d ago

I think Death Stranding is going to take the care. It's going to be different from anything we've experienced in gaming!

Ceaser9857361191d ago


I agree, From what they showed us i understood nothing.. Its gonna be very different and also interesting for sure.. Story heavy for sure...

Imalwaysright191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

And ND already proved that they are masters at storytelling and creating characters with TloU which seems the direction SM is going with this new GoW and Santa Monica has yet to prove that they're on the same level. It will be interesting to see if SM is going to give ND a run for their money in the the storytelling department.

kevnb190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Here’s the thing with the last of us though, I didn’t even really care for the characters or story all that much but still loved the game. It has great gameplay and atmosphere, you can’t make a single player game that long that only has story going for it. Story in video games is one of those things that simply enhances the game when done right, it’s not what makes or breaks games for the majority of people.

Imalwaysright190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

True. The gameplay was solid in TloU and you can see that not only in the sp campaign but also in the mp portion which was also really good. RaD tried to follow on ND footsteps but they had that attitude that gameplay wasn't as important as storytelling and 1886 was ripped to pieces by the critics as it should. If you want to be as successful as ND was with TloU you have to deliver not only on the storytelling department but also on gameplay.

lipton101190d ago

Having so many good games to choose from, especially when they're primarily coming from first and second party developers, is a GREAT problem to have for a console.

I have high hopes for God of War. I wish them the best. I'm working on a project now that I'm finishing the first part of in May. God of War will be my reward. And I'm working hard every night to give myself that reward as soon as possible.

Heelix192d ago

There are more games in the pipeline
I know we are excited but
Reduce the hyperbole
Once the gen is over we can look back

The Wood191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

What hee said

OffRoadKing191d ago

The title says, "could". Asking a question is not the definition of hyperbolic, had the author stated 'IT IS the game of the generation' then I'd agree with you as to hyperbole.

Bladesfist191d ago

I think he is just saying, chill. Let's wait and see. Speculating on how much you personally will enjoy a game is hard enough, speculating on how well the entire playerbase will enjoy a game is even harder.

OffRoadKing191d ago


And I dont disagree with that aspect at all, my point was to rather it was hyperbole, which its not.

LoveSpuds191d ago

Where is the harm in being excited and discussing the prospect of a game delivering on its promise?

It's better than the usual negative, flamebait opinion pieces we see on N4G, surely.

kevnb190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

It’s a hyperbolic question to be asking, designed to get people discussing and clicking. I don’t see how posing something as a question makes it not hyperbole.

OffRoadKing190d ago

@ kevnb

(noun - definition: exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally) for example making a statement and then trying to present it as fact, so if someone said 'God of War is Playstation's game of the generation', that absolutely would be hyperbolic. Is it too early a question, yes. Does it require total speculation, absolutely. Is it designed to get clicks, this is N4G so most defenitly. But I think its fine that it gets people discussing, theres no harm in that, but its not hyperbole.

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DigitalRaptor192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

Could be.

One journalist who's reviewing a game for Gameblog said "he's testing a game right now that might slide in his top 3 games of all time alongside Red Dead Redemption et Castlevania Symphony of the Night", and he's been reviewing games for over 15 years. Might not be God of War, but there's nothing else coming out this month that makes be think it could be anything but.

Quote from another trusted long-time reviewer from Italy: "Trust me: you are not ready to hear what I have to tell you. Nobody is ready. Nobody."

We still have The Last of Us Part II, Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Death Stranding in play though.

Ceaser9857361191d ago

Could be GOW because from what i heard Reviewers got the GOW copy on 2nd April ..

Travis3708192d ago

It could but I have a high chance that Spider-man will take it.

Ceaser9857361191d ago

or GOT OR DAYS GONE or even Detroit :) Playstation and their Exclusives... Take a Bow

The 10th Rider191d ago

My money would be on Spiderman. It just looks like it's f****** fun to play on top of nailing the character of Spiderman. As far as I'm concerned everything they've shown so far looks incredible and as long as the game world has tons of compelling content it'll be an absolute masterpiece.

rivaldoo777191d ago

No offence to Spiderman but Lets be real, Insomniac games are not in the same tier as Naughty Dog or Santa Monica Studio. They might be in the level of Sucker punch or Guerilla games but hell no way spider man will beat God of war.

Angelin191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

Highly speculative. While all PS4 exclusives are stellar, let’s just wait and see gameplay.

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