NVIDIA will stop releasing Game Ready drivers for its Fermi GPUs

NVIDIA has announced that it will stop releasing Game Ready drivers for its Fermi graphics cards. This means that all of its future Game Ready drivers, starting from those that will be coming out later this month, will only be available on Kepler, Maxwell, and Pascal series GPUs.

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Nvidia sold out to miners. They are killing pc gaming

Zabatsu194d ago

Wholeheartedly agree. It's disgusting.

Cobra951194d ago

As much as I hate the current state of affairs, blaming publicly held companies for chasing sure money is like blaming moths for obscuring street lamps. That's just what they do. Fortunately for us, PC gaming is sure money too. Things will balance out again eventually. New companies will join in GPU manufacture, for one thing. ASRock is the first example of that (though they're making AMD cards). For another, gold rushes eventually fizzle out. (That's what *they* do.)

malek69194d ago

What does your comment have to do with the article? They are cutting game ready driver support for 8 year old architecture which is what every company does.

FinalFantasyFanatic194d ago

That and 8 years is a pretty damn good run in the tech world, some people change phones every year and it's not like they're any cheaper. I just hope they hurry up and release their new GPUs.

kevnb194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

I don’t understand how they sold out to miners, especially since amd cards are preferred for mining. Nvidia also doesn’t make the cards people are buying, they didn’t design them for mining nor do they sell them directly. Your comment is one of the stupidest I’ve ever read, and some are even agreeing.

SegaGamer194d ago

I agree, i hate how hard it is to currently buy a good graphics card because of crypto miners, but to blame Nvidia directly is dumb as hell. What are they supposed to do, stop people buying graphics cards?

Like you say, the comment above is stupid, and the people actually agreeing are just as dumb.

fr0sty194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

GPUs aren't even that great for mining from a cost to benefit perspective. There are far more efficient ways of mining using dedicated hardware.

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Cobra951194d ago

I never understood the need for game-specific drivers anyway. A driver is supposed to give full access to the hardware's capabilities with the best possible efficiency. Improve the drivers constantly toward that goal, and let the game devs figure it out from there.

InKnight7s194d ago

Will because games run differently from other softwares. Will imagine the differences between shooting TV sereies and shooting for Movies. Both eventually will release on Blu ray @1080p or 4k, but they are very different in techs. If founders decided to create something so general and let the users utilize it for their needs, every developer will suffer as example take PS3 for example, up to date "cell" raw coded units causing alot of problem for every developers, even end up causing problems for Sony itself because its too hard to start from zero with every new product.

kevnb194d ago

Probably because you have very little understanding of the drivers in the first place.

KTF26194d ago

For most cases you don't need
but bear in mind each game coded differently than the others

SilverDemon194d ago

Console gamer here.
Can someone explain what does this mean?
Is Nvidia releasing drivers that are made for farming first, gaming second?
How will that affect the current and the new GPUs going forward?

Thank you in advance.

Razmiran194d ago

No, this means game ready drivers will stop supporting some old graphics cards

Evilryusam194d ago

This article is simply stating that nvidia will stop supporting 7 year old GPU's is all.

KTF26194d ago

Fermi (not Farmi) is the code name for Geforce 400/500 GPU
it named after a physicist called Enrico Fermi

watchem194d ago

So they are just going to stop supporting 5-8 year old graphic cards?.......what's the big deal?

LiamKreptic194d ago

Some of these old graphics cards still hold up even today. I have a GTX 460 and it can run Witcher at Medium setting without performance drops perfectly fine. While it doesn’t stand up to my GTX 1080 Ti it still holds up well for how old it is.

Some people still have these cards and now a virus is stopping all support for these old cards. It’s more of a gut punch to owners of these cards.

Evilryusam194d ago

Yea, or i don't know crazy idea they stop using a gfx card from 2011? :x

LiamKreptic194d ago

Not everyone has the money to just drop 1000 dollars tho...

KTF26194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

The card won't stop working suddenly without an updated driver
and for most cases drivers don't help too much specially for old cards

KTF26194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

"Not everyone has the money to just drop 1000 dollars tho... "
you really don't need a $1000 card to run games better than GTX 460, not even close
for $80 to $90 you can get GTX 470 performance with GT 1030

I won't tell you go and buy it
in the end it's your money
but don't make it like you need to spend $1000 for a new Graphics Card

LiamKreptic194d ago

Why would I ever spend 80-90 dollars for a card that performs only slightly better than the GTX 460...whatever

KTF26194d ago

slightly better!
it's >20% better

and I didn't tell you go and spend the money
the comment still exist and you can read it until you understand

LiamKreptic194d ago

Dude my comment still stands...20% better or greater is nothing compared to a 1080 ti. I also get you said you aren’t saying I should spend the money but still who would??? Spend the 1000 if you want a significant boost otherwise I don’t care how faster a 1030 is

Prince_TFK194d ago

You can still play all of the new games (and old games) even without the Game Ready Driver. So I don’t know what the big deal is.

kevnb194d ago

So it’s a 1080ti or nothing to upgrade from a 460?

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mkis007193d ago

In other news Toyota will not be making any more 2012 model year cars.