Dark Souls Remaster First Impressions: Are you Prepared to Die at 4K?

The original Dark Souls looked terrible, let's admit it. Although the PC version looked fairly better, you needed a powerful machine to crank the resolution up and get the much desired 60 FPS performance. The console version ran at a puny 720p on the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

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SoulMikeY191d ago

What are you smoking? If you modded it to 60fps, you could insta die from various activities. Also, without DSfix, which is a mod, and not FromSoftwares, it looked almost the same.

You weird ass elitists always gotta throw some shit like that in there.

kevnb191d ago

720p doesn’t almost like 1080p, stop judging based on YouTube videos that compress the image quality so much that everything looks last gen.

mikeslemonade191d ago

Summer time gonna be slow so I can replay this on PC. 4k 60 frames. I played the first one with pyro and didn’t get to play all the side levels.

This time I will go with two hand sword character.

nucky64191d ago

if it were demon souls, I'd be more interested.

nucky64191d ago

the title of the article asks a question - I just dropped in to give my answer. sorry if that went over your head. maybe you should work on your reading comprehension skills?

LoveSpuds191d ago

Luckily, I don't get hung up on things like graphical fidelity. It's easy to say it looks a little rough by today's standards but back when it released on PS3 it was more than competent and the graphics certainly didn't detract from how fantastic them game was to play.

I am really excited to replay it on my PS4Pro, but that doesn't mean I have to reconsider how fantastic the original release was on PS3.

cpayne93191d ago

This game did not look terrible by any stretch of the imagination, and it still looks fine now, what are you smoking?

darren_poolies191d ago

What?! Dark Souls looked beautiful on PS3. Put that crack pipe down.

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