GameZone: Demigod Preview

GameZone writes: "The balance of power is changing. As a demigod, your strength is limited. You aren't in complete control – but that is about to change. One of the gods has disappeared, creating a vacancy that must be filled by the toughest, most influential demigod. If successful, that demigod will successfully make the transition to full-fledged god, granting him (or her) unimaginable power.

So goes the story of Demigod, a ruthless RTS of unique proportions. Part strategy game, part real-time action, Demigod gives players the chance to control the world's most destructive beasts. But "destructive" – or even words like "crushing," "dominating" or "overpowering" – do not match up to what the game actually delivers. The Rook, for example, could be described as a walking castle. His enormous size isn't the only thing that allows him to intimidate others: with a large hammer in one hand, he comes to each battle ready to annihilate everything in his path."

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