Final Fantasy XV - Four New DLC Announced Bringing New Ending; Mod Tools and Much More Revealed

Square Enix just dropped some really massive Final Fantasy XV news including new DLC, a new ending, mod tools and much more.

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AizenSosuke287d ago

OMG this amount of content.

Abriael287d ago

I am already envisioning massive meltdowns over this. I can't wait. Only downer, 2019 is so far away.

NewMonday287d ago

didn't play FFXV yet, was in my summer 2018 playlist but now I will wait until summer 2019.

fenome287d ago

No meltdown here, still haven't played it yet, I'll hold out a while longer, obviously couldn't hurt *shrugs*

The sad thing is, Final Fantasy was always, ALWAYS, a day one buy for me and then 13 happened and now I'm really not worried about waiting a few years and getting it used. This is where we're at now.

HunchbackPotato287d ago

"OMG this amount of content."

from just watching the trailer i can imagine more places to explore. awesome!!

callahan09287d ago

@fenome: This game is fantastic! I totally hear you about FFXIII, but this game is one of the best Final Fantasies ever in my opinion. I honestly don't know if I'm a minority opinion on that or not, but I started the game when it just came out on Windows recently and I'm still playing it, many hours into it, and I'm loving it. It has a lot of cool nostalgia touches for fans of the series, mostly things like comments characters make, little art design decisions here and there that call back to the origins of the series (some 8-bit graphic designs pop up in some spots in a cool way), and of course all the memorable music.

The story is pretty good, the characters definitely have well-defined personalities and I quite like them (except Cindy... she is just a ridiculous character and pure fan-service, which I hate, and an annoying southern accent, but whatever haha).

The gameplay is fantastic. Such a great open world design, so many side quests, fun to explore in your vehicle and on chocobos (which I love), and a great combat system.

This game is easily the best Final Fantasy for me since the PS1 days.

fenome286d ago


I'm definitely going to pick it up, I wasn't trying to imply it was a bad game by any means. For some reason I just never got it and now they just keep adding and updating it so by the time I do get around to it I'll get to experience it fresh with all this extra content.

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Kurisu287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

I'm intrigued to see how these episodes pan out. However at the same time I'm a bit peeved that they're dragging this game out for so long.

The 10th Rider287d ago

I mean, with the time and money they spent developing the game you can be sure that they're going to squeeze as much as they can out of it. I guess we'll find out if that's a good or bad thing.

FallenAngel1984287d ago

I don’t know how I feel about playing as a nameless avatar character in place of Noctis in the singleplayer

PhantomS42287d ago

I'm so torn. On one hand I really l like the support they are giving this game but on the other I want them to focus on FF16.

Godmars290287d ago

Between this and the FF7 title you honestly expect to see an "honest" entry in the series within six years? If not longer.

Harkins1721287d ago

SE has 10 divisions. This DLC is taking up 1.

SarcasticDuck287d ago

@Harkins1721 and look how long they take to complete their RPG games (Final Fantasies, Kingdom Hearts, etc). They take 5+ years (sometimes literally over a decade like with FFXV).

Harkins1721286d ago

@sarcasticDuck. Most AAA games nowadays take 5 years. Horizon took 7. Its just SE likes to announce their games as they enter development rather than wait 3 years and then hype people up. XV is the only case with it being a decade and its not like it was worked on every day for 10 years.

Godmars290286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Only with FF13 and 15 SE has been nothing but unbalanced needing nearly ten years to out out titles. And even then incomplete ones.

Again, especially from what I've heard about production, the FF7 "remake" is going to cause issues with overall production. KH3 as well, which was already a title in dev hell.

I did not say what I first did because I thought this DLC would effect anything, if anything it's likely been planned, but because SE has had production issues for the longest. Have been making their own issues by by making only graphics matter. Building two highly detailed engines from scratch, commit major projects to them, only in the end not use them scrapping all work done in the process.

Harkins1721286d ago

They took 10 years for XV that’s the only game so far. Nothing else comes close.
We know very little of FF7R. And parts of the game were ahead of KH3 last year. As for KH3 how can a title be in dev hell when most AAA games take 5 years? KH3 is coming into its 5th year and set to release by the end of 2018. That is not dev hell. It changed engines very early in development.

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il-JumperMT287d ago

next year ultimate edition?

VsAssassin287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Yes, and it's called Royal Rumble edition where all the DLCs are mixed together into a multi-colored Kool-Aid! :D

Sam Fisher287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Bursts thru wall* Ooooooo yea :D

HunchbackPotato287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

ps5 will get console version in true 4k 60fps without Nvidia exclusive features. or you can get the PC version today which supports up to 8k+....