The Grand Theft Auto Games Ranked by City.

Can The Game Slate take a look at each GTA game in order of their respective city. Can they analyse these games any further? Yes. Yes, they can.

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194d ago
NecrumOddBoy194d ago

San Andreas is my favorite. I love GTAV but that world was notwhere used. I think content in game uses maybe 15-20% if the map.

Lennoxb63192d ago

Uses way more than 15%-20%. The story mode uses about that much but multiplayer uses about 60%-70%

Profchaos193d ago

I'd disagree with the list tbh but it all comes down to personal preference.

I think GTA IV doesn't get the credit it deserves as the story is probably one of the best only when all the DLC titles are played in the mix as IV, tbogt and tlad form a solid coherent story.

But somedays I'll say vice city was my favourite others sa others IV but I never liked GTA online I think it's the beginning of the end really. The next GTA we see may not even have a story mode in the traditional sense and may be just an online based game