Is It Too Late for a Kingdom Hearts Return?

It has been 16 years since Kingdom Hearts' debut. Does the series still have an audience? Will the third game, when it's released, still captivate gamers?

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PhoenixUp292d ago

Of course the series still has a wide audience

Just look how excited the industry gets anytime new KH3 news gets unveiled. That wouldn’t happen with a franchise that majority of people gave up on

SuperSonic91292d ago

With how big Disney has grown now its a sure ball that this game will be marketed like Spiderman.
This game will be huge this holidays as it captures a totally different but wide market from COD and GTA.

FinalFantasyFanatic292d ago

Sure does, although it's sad to think I was in my teens when the series started, KH3 just should have come out earlier rather than pushing out all these spin offs.

SuperSonic91291d ago

This KH is destined to be a special one. It being on PS4, the close to Pixar quality graphics it never had before, the very long wait, the renewed Square Enix -PS4 partnership, the ever mighty Disney behind it , its a perfect storm brewing that will take 2018 holidays by storm! Prepare to be blown away by the reception this game will have esp from the female and younger gamer market.
Dis gon b huge!

PhoenixUp291d ago

@ Super

It’s only now recently that I’m starting to see more Kingdom Hearts merchandise in a lot of retailers. In years prior this was unheard of and you’d have to go out of your way to find it.

Just shows KH3 really is coming so much sooner.

@ Final

The team that made KH1 & KH2 were busy developing FFXV and said they wouldn’t start work on KH3 until after FFXV came out.

The Kingdom Hearts series was kept from going dormant with the handheld titles, and the team that made them are making KH3, ensuring we’d get the game sooner than was originally planned.

SuperSonic91291d ago

Oh yes Disney Stores all over the world are gonna get mobbed.
Can't wait!
This game is gonna sell huge.

Dissidia292d ago

No it's not too late. Next question.

Agent_00_Revan292d ago

Agreed. I love article headlines that ask questions that can be answered in a single sentence or less, making the need for an actual article redundant.

Dissidia292d ago

Very true, it wouldn’t be N4G without articles like this.

thejigisup291d ago

Are we gonna get a comprehensive collection on current gen?

awdevoftw292d ago

Kingdom hearts has its fans, but , for me, the games have always been terrible. Story, gameplay, have been overlooked because you can play with cool Disney characters. Not one redeeming quality from these games for me.

Eonjay292d ago

This series strong suit is its amazing gameplay.

tontontam0292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Yeah you sound like someone who played kingdom hearts I who did not even try to get past destiny island and just completely ignored the series.

Magnus292d ago

I like the KH franchise but I know a guy who follows the game like the back of his ass. Every character world and what the story is based on he knows it like the back of his ass. Shame there was no new KH game on PS3 but if its on a hiatus this long they can utilize the new Disney movies that have been made over the last 16 years and incorporate them into the lore of the KH franchise.

292d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.