Three Charged Over Ecstacy Hidden in PS2

Three men stand accused of drug smuggling after cops found 3400 ecstasy pills hidden in a PlayStation game posted to their home in Australia.

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Drekken3658d ago

PS2 - This must be gaming news!

acheashadow3658d ago

#1 - Drug Storage
add to the list guys!

Mc1873658d ago

Those guys were just decoys my PS3 Full of Heroin made it through thanks to them.

Bigrhyno3658d ago

It's good to see quality gaming news being reported on the site.

mfwahwah3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I think you're being sarcastic. To prove that this is worthy of an N4G post:

First sentence is key.

"Though most of the news on N4G is directly game related it doesn’t necessarily have to be. A news story about a new technology for use in HDTVs is not directly related to video games but would still be of interest to many gamers. The Tech category would be fitting for this story.

Another thing you need to determine is if the story is interesting enough to be worth posting on the site. Since N4G is for a targeted audience a story doesn’t have to be CNN material to get approved but on the other hand the story should at least be somewhat interesting."

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The story is too old to be commented.