EA Sports UFC 3 Is Free To Play On PS4 This Weekend

From PlayStation Universe: "If you’re a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and fancy cracking some skulls this weekend, then you’re in for a treat. EA Sports UFC 3 will be free to play all weekend on PS4 and Xbox One."

parris1884d ago

No thanks EA not even for free.

bloop1883d ago

I'll give it a go, but only if I can smash up a bus with thrash cans, chairs and guard rails.

nowitzki20041883d ago

Why dont you go on the bus and get the person you want?

Sokol1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

I don't believe it's free all weekend, it gives you the full game with 5 hours of trial.
I have 1.5 hours more to go before it's over.

On the other hand, I was surprised. The game is not bad. It feels more authentic and realistic then two previous games. More simplified ground game, better animation and other improvements.
This time around it actually feels each fighter represents his proper style.

I also tried my carrier with newly created character and its pretty fun working your way up the ladder with training, unlocking perks and meeting goals with different gyms.