GiN Review - Art of Murder: FBI Confidential

Melissa Walther writes:

"A classic point and click adventure game, Art of Murder follows new FBI Agent Nicole Bonnet from the dingy streets of New York to the jungles of Peru as she tries to solve her first murder case. The game begins with a slightly funny cut scene in which the senior field agent on a stake out orders you out for coffee and is brutally murdered while you're gone. The agent, James, manages to cling to life long enough to tell you a cryptic message for his partner.

Your boss removes you from the case and reassigns you to the field agent's partner, Nick. You of course protest, saying it's your case and your fault because you weren't there. You pass James' message to Nick and the both of you decide in typical crime-show fashion to work the case yourselves.

In the course of trying to find the murderer Nicole gathers evidence, questions people, does field research and manages to get to Peru (and get abducted), giving it all the hallmarks of a made-for-TV crime show. Add in the Mafia ties and internal corruption, and you're set for prime-time."

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