Square-Go: NHL 09 review

Square-Go Writes:

"Although what EA have done with this crazy concept is something very interesting. They have taken it, and gone and MMO'd it up. That is to say, you can take your one guy, and go and join an online team of other... real people [Dun, dun, duuuuun!]. You can join, and be part of a real life virtual hockey team. So now, the sitting on the bench becomes part of your team tactics. You can't have someone out there being virtually dying on their arse now can you...

This whole system is set up to allow leagues of teams to compete in of massive contests, for real trophies

On top of all of these hijinks are the usual options of taking a team through a league in single player mode – four way multiplayer on the one console and a load of shiny shiny graphics. Everything you expect from an EA title these days. But it is the potential of the MMO art which really sets this game apart.

An easy game to play, and a difficult one to master. Both online and off, NHL 09 offers a big fat wodge of ice based fun - all without actually having to learn to skate. Or get cold. Which can only be a good thing."

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