Pocket-Lint: Seagate FreeAgent Go 320GB hard drive review

Pocket-Lint Writes:

"When it comes to transferring files the 5400rpm drive is quick, you'll get around a read write speed of around 18MBps, which is enough for most applications, certainly in a portable device, and while it's not as fast as some of the portable drives out there, the price (around £85) means you get plenty of storage for your money.

For those wondering, you should be able to get around 80,000 MP3 files on the drive or around 320 hours of standard video.

Those looking to spend extra cash can also opt for a docking station.

Hard drives maybe boring, but as we've said they are useful. This drive, which is capable of fitting in a shirt pocket (just don't tell your tailor), goes some way to making things a little bit sexier.

The price, drive speed and design all get a thumbs-up, the only thing that doesn't is that short USB cable."

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