Here's How DayZ Looks Running on Xbox One X Hardware

Take a look at the first gameplay video of DayZ running on Xbox One X hardware. The game is due to debut on the console later this year, while PC will get an engine change soon and PS4 will receive the game at a later date.

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OffRoadKing1812d ago

Lol, that middle finger at the beginning. Anyway this looks like piles of ass, State of Decay 2 looks much better.

Alexious1812d ago

True, but the game world of DayZ is probably dozens of times bigger than State of Decay's. And this supports up to 60 players online, SoD 2 only 4.

1812d ago
Kumakai1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

DayZ is terrible. It could support 200 people and be bigger than a country still and still be sh*t. At least SD2 looks fun (and sometimes hilarious)

1812d ago
zb1ftw7771811d ago

Big and empty is the same as small and empty.

Something you young ones have trouble learning.

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MadLad1812d ago

I'm questioning why we are comparing what is, essentially, a large arena that supports dozens of players, and was released years ago, to a yet-to-be released, single-player experience that features co-op?

Kumakai1812d ago

Both survival zombie games. Why did people compare Drive Club - an arcade racer - to Forza MS - a racing simulator? Or Forza Horizons... an open world racer.

I think SD2 really focuses on co-op with a small team. That’s the hook.

Timesplitter141812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

On a tech level they are not comparable. The networking of player-controlled characters in a PVP scenario imposes an immense additional cost on the CPU, compared to networking AI characters in PVE games (under the assumption that both implementations are made by competent people who know what they are doing). It has a lot to do with cheat-prevention, lag compensation and input responsiveness

explanation is in this series of articles: http://www.gabrielgambetta....

Kumakai1812d ago

100% agree. Even if it isn’t as big it looks more fun and is graphically superior as well. I like the idea of a 4 man crew battling hordes.

1812d ago
KillBill1811d ago

One is a story driven game that has co-op and the other is open world survival video game that has you create your own story by playing with others.

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Timesplitter141812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

DayZ is an absolute trainwreck of a project and it looks like garbage.

It's also one of my top 3 favorite games of all time. I've never found any other game that gave me memorable moments and insane adrenaline rushes quite like it.

Everything that happens in DayZ feels like a story that really belongs to you, because none of it is scripted, and it all happens within a sandbox with other human players. So when you and your buddy get ambushed by 4 people in the middle of the night while you were sitting around a campfire, and you end up in an incredibly tense 30-minute long fight in the dark that ends with you miraculously winning and riding off with the enemy's truck as the morning sun is starting to rise, and you gotta go loot a hospital because your friend has a broken leg, it feels at least 1000x more exciting as if this happened in a scripted story mission of a single-player game

SuperSaiyanGod411812d ago

Have to agree and this looks like hardly any zombies around. Sod2 looks alot funner and way more polished with alot of zombies around the whole map.

smolinsk1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Sadly it looks horrible, come on its a way too old of a game by now.

Sono4211811d ago

I don't understand how Microsoft is allowing this game to come out on Xbox.. it's in development hell. I bought the game 3 years ago and it's almost exactly the same today. Still a buggy mess, have added almost nothing new at all, poorly optimized. It will be interesting to see how it runs on the OneX but it just isn't worth it as there seems to be no end in sight for the development and they barely improve it. Anyone buying this is wasting their money just as I did.

bolimekurac1812d ago

that doesnt look good at all in any way, i fell asleep watching that

CurbStompin1812d ago

The talking is annoying AF. Turn the audio off to enjoy.

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