GamersInfo Review: Samba de Amigo "I had a deep love affair in 1999. Despite all the fear and uncertainty around the end of that decade, the bright spot in my life was a little console called the Dreamcast. Even after all these years later, I still have to wonder, "what if"?

But, Sega didn't go out of business entirely; they just focused on the games we loved so much instead of consoles people don't appreciate. So, a Dreamcast lover can still rejoice because some of the games that made the system great are being released. Right?

Along comes Samba de Amigo for the Wii. Samba de Amigo is a rhythm game played with maracas; you shake the maracas in time in different positions based on the location of little blue dots that radiate out toward six locations: three for the left side and three for the right. It was one of the first home rhythm games after Dance Dance Revolution to make a mark on the U.S. console market. The problem was that it felt a bit goofy to shake around maracas, but once you got past the self-consciousness, it was a blast to play. The game paved the way for other console rhythm games, such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band."

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