League of Legends Dev Responds to Complaints of Oversexualizing Its Newest Character

Riot Games says her deep neckline made her look unnecessarily sexualized, even if it that wasn’t the intention.

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Kostche285d ago

its getting to the point why bother trying to create something you want when you allow others to dictate how they want it to be, its like painting a picture you like, but other people telling you how to draw it

get some balls, serioulsy the men in this industry are real cucks

Rachel_Alucard285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

Riot is based out of Los Angeles and anyone whos lived there will tell you that place is ripe with leftist hipters who you can see protest on the streets everyday. Most of the tumblr feminists are also from Los angeles and its surrounding cities. Riot and many other big gaming studios are all based around this area and pull people from this culture of cucks and then they affect the industry in ways like this. Thats why you start seeing a ton of dev responses like this that are more focused on the characters appearence or background then the game itself. Though that's more of a western game design problem then a new generation thing.

Cmoney007285d ago

In other news, a developer is probably working on a character that has a big bulge! Red alert! Red alert!

What if the female character was showing leg? The madness!

blacktiger285d ago

Outrage? what about all the adults in real world do the same for nothing>?

Aither285d ago

Trying to force people to be ashamed for liking hot women is the same as controlling how they think and feel. Western society is rapidly moving towards a George Orwell depiction of Nineteen Eighty-Four, and it gets worse every year.

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The story is too old to be commented.