Sony Stresses Importance of Games, Games, Games

Kotaku writes: "When Kaz Hirai took over Sony Computer Entertainment, the company's outlook changed. The previous head, PlayStation father Ken Kutaragi, kept talking up the PS3's other selling points. It was a Blu-ray player! It was a super computer! It had 4D!! Somewhere along the line, the focus that Sony Computer Entertainment made game machines was lost. Hirai has done a sold job of roping that back in. In an interview with Nikkei, Hirai said:

The thing that I did when I took over last year was to boast the appeal of games themselves... The main premise of the PS3 is video games. That's the absolutely most important thing that we cannot lose sight of."

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Genesis53751d ago

Well they are starting to deliver the AAA titles now. R2, LPG and Socom to name a few. Not to mention some great multi-plats on the way. Gaming season is looking great.

Silogon3751d ago

They've had the AAA games for awhile now, but it hasn't seemed to help. GTA4 "not AAA to me but to you all it waS" didn't help. MGS4 didn't help. C'mon, Sony's problem isn't software; it's price and until they drop it they'll let nintendo and Microsoft both frolic in the sun together.

Sadbut true. PS3 has the games to back up a buy; if the asking price was reasonable.

barom3751d ago

MGS4 didn't help? FYI the console sold 400k in the month of MGS4 and that was when MGS4 80gb bundle went out of stock almost everywhere, in other words, they could've easily sold more.

PimpHandStrong3751d ago

PS3 is selling just fine

It has outsold its main compentition in its first 2 years!

$400 is a great deal for the hardware

the big issue is

do you have the money to spend to buy all the great games on the system!

Jacobite3751d ago

Thats so ,how about some adverts Sony, to tell the public about your games.Xbox360 & Wii have adverts on Television showing of there Games and Hardware ,Dads watching television looking to get wee Johnnys Christmas this year, Games Maybe a console does he see any adverts from sony ! no, advert from others ! yes. For AAA game,s what.I have 10 PS3 games
1) RFOM good but not not great
2) Uncharted Drake Fortune AAA title
3) Haze was average if not worse : (
4) UT3 Great game like it on the PC better AAA
5) GT4 AAA but lost interest liked Vice city better(PS2)
6) Motorstorm yip AAA
7) MGS4 AAA title (son loved it)
8) Ratchet & Clank TOD fun game not a AAA title close but
9) Assassin Creed what a let down (shame)
10) Orange Box worst version of all platforms

Games Im getting for PS3 are Deadspace, LBP, RFOM2, MS2 and KZ2 these are AAA titles in my opinion. thing loking up but FGS sony get the adverts out on the Television lol sorry just a wee moan